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Plan of Work

The study started on 1 June 2015 and will last three years and three months.  Information is being gathered in London and in West Yorkshire.

In year one:

We developed ways to improve health care in care homes, based on the pre-existing literature and engagement with care and medical staff.

We worked with clinicians, care home staff and family members to develop a complex intervention including:

  • developing a Care Pathway for use in UK care homes
  • finding out about the skills and knowledge needed by care staff and family members to detect changes in the health of care home residents
  • finding out the best way to improve the skills of care home staff
  • clarifying the role of family members in the care of their loved ones
  • working with stakeholders to find ways to support change to happen

In years two and three:

We completed a Feasibility Study of the intervention in two care homes.  During the study we tested procedures in preparation for a Pilot Trial, examined whether our approach to data collection is feasible, and identified refinements that are needed to the intervention and implementation support.

We will now expand the test to a further 14 care homes.  The homes are located in London and in Yorkshire and have been recruited with assistance from local Clinical Research Networks. 

Our next key milestones:

  • to complete recruitment of participants and collection of pre-intervention (baseline) data as the first stage of our Pilot Trial
  • to train the 'Practice Development Champions' from each care home allocated to receive the intervention to implement the practices involved in our research and to find out how these practices can work in care home settings
  • to begin the intervention in early 2018

 Last updated 23 January 2018