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Busting the myths surrounding dementia in secondary schools

Dementia Detectives is a one hour session dedicated to dementia awareness. The workshop has been designed for secondary school students aged 14 to 16 years. The session can be incorporated as a ‘lesson’ into existing subjects such as citizenship or health and social care.

The aims of the workshop are to

  • Bust the myths surrounding dementia
  • Discover how to support a person living with dementia

The session consists of students working in detective teams on a range of interactive activities that encourage students to develop and share their ideas.

In the news

A Prezi has been set up which aids the delivery of the content as well as act as an online resource:


Dementia Detectives has been delivered in a school in Cambridge. The students reported they would highly recommend the workshop to their friends and other people.

These were the most common words used to describe the workshop:

DD word cloud

The Team

Dementia Detectives Headquarters:

The School of Dementia Studies, University of Bradford

The Detectives:

  • Dr Sahdia Parveen (Chief)
  • Ms Jan Robins (Chief Superintendent)
  • Dr Alys Griffiths (Chief Superintendent)
  • Professor Jan Oyebode (Chief Superintendent)
  • Mr Stephen Morris (Chief Inspector) Social media advisor
  • Ms Maz Khalid (Private investigator)


If you have any questions please contact Dr Sahdia Parveen, or alternatively contact Ms Jane Mallinson.