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Visual Methods Special Interest Group: Programme 2014-15

Location: Gallery II, University of Bradford

Date and Time:
Wed 12 Nov 2014, 15:30 - 17:00

After the summer break, the Visual Methods Special Interest Group is starting up again on 12th November with the following double bill

Both presentations relate in different ways to the question of what it might mean to 'read' an image.  There will be plenty of discussion to follow. Refreshments provided.

Patrick Allen  -  Literacies, visual or otherwise

Literacy is used in many circles and especially in education to indicate a range of different competencies and the use of tools and representations in communication processes. In this talk, the concept of Visual Literacy is developed in detail and used to provide a critique and a context for the consideration of other forms of literacy; in particular, technological and media literacies are investigated. Examples from learning and teaching activities in creative design and media production courses at the University of Bradford will be provided as evidence and used as an integral part of this research.

BDG - Visual Methods Group 1

Andrea Capstick - Changing places:  photo-elicitation with people with dementia

This presentation looks at the subjectively piercing aspect of a photographic image which Roland Barthes described as the ‘punctum’. Barthes identifies the punctum - as opposed to the ‘studium’, or subject of the photograph - as that focus point within an image that has emotional force and resonance precisely because it has ‘ceased to be’ in external, material reality. The connections between photography, emotional memory, identity and place will be explored through a selection of still images taken from visual research with ten people with dementia living in a long-term care environment.

BDG - Visual Methods Group 2

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