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Memories on film - Bradford Dementia Group and MHA screening event at Gallery II

Published: Mon 14 Apr 2014
Memories on film - Bradford Dementia Group and MHA screening event at Gallery II

A stakeholder event attended by around 50 people was held at the University's Gallery II on 2nd April showcased six short films from an 18-month research study funded by the National Institute for Health Research's School for Social Care Research.

The study - a collaboration between members of Bradford Dementia Group in the University of Bradford’s School of Health Studies, and Methodist Homes (MHA) - explored the use of a film-making approach called participatory video with people who have memory problems and live at a MHA care facility in Leeds.  Ten residents with ages ranging from 76 to 99 years completed films, four of whom were guests of honour at the event.

The audience also included family members, care staff, and senior personnel from MHA.   The six films screened covered subjects the participants had identified as important to them, including time spent in a blacksmith’s forge during wartime evacuation from the East End of London, working in one of the leading department stores in Leeds, cycle racing, and visits to local dance halls and cinemas.

Researchers Andrea Capstick, John Chatwin and Katherine Ludwin explained how the study aimed to enhance social participation for people living in long term social care, and assess the potential for film both to unlock and to store memories.  Trisha Page, the daughter of one of the study participants said: “Everything that’s been done has been so beneficial for us as a family.  When this generation goes, we need to remember: and how lovely to really talk to someone, to listen to someone.” 

Summing up on behalf of the advisory group to the study, Senior Operating Officer for the East Lancashire Care Commissioning Group, Alex Walker, added: “The social history behind these stories is incredibly powerful.  We want to see the kind of work shown here today happening everywhere, every day.”

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