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Dementia Education

Study with Us

Whether you are working or volunteering with people with dementia and their families, joining us at the Centre for Applied Dementia Studies can help you take the next step in developing your knowledge, skills and practice.

The Centre for Applied Dementia Studies is an internationally renowned leader in the field of dementia care; our education, training and research influence current policy and practice.

Our education programmes:

  • Enhance knowledge and understanding regarding the latest evidence in dementia care
  • Afford students the skills to facilitate change within their within their own practice
  • Are research informed and delivered by tutors who are active in research or practice in the field of dementia care

Our Programmes

Click the links below to view programme listings, and to apply online.

What to expect

All our programmes are delivered by part time distance learning study. Students will:

  • Work through interactive evidence based study guides for each module
  • Engage with peers and tutors through regular online written discussions
  • Interact with peers and tutors in online real time tutorials 

What our students say

“The distance learning course I have undertaken is aimed people in full time employment. It has been devised and programmed in a simple and well-structured way which allows for unforeseen complications in the working and family lives of students.”

“My professional practice has developed due to the theory learnt on the course and applying it to practice. I have learnt the skills of reading and writing academically. My thought processes and perceptions have changed since commencing this course. I now have more confidence in my own abilities.”

“I have more confidence in myself after this course. My colleagues also have observed a huge improvement in discharging my duties.”

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