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International Strategic Partners

General International Enquiries

Professor Murna Downs 
Chair in Dementia Studies

Tel: +44 (0)1274 233996
Fax: +44 (0) 1274 236395


Belgian Flag Anahata VZW

Hilde Vermeiren 
Anahata vzw
Herentalsebaan 19
2520 Ranst

Tel: +32  (0) 32051985

How We Use Dementia Care Mapping

  • Within Armonea (a group of residential care centres), we introduced a new method for improvement in care for people with dementia
  • The mappers of the different care centres observe in pairs in a particular facility
  • In every facility we work according to the usual mapping process (briefing-mapping-feedback and action-planning for care improvement)
  • Twice a year, the mappers gather in various working groups to discuss possible projects for improvement (based on topics of different mappings)
  • In these groups we collect knowledge and experience on particular topics, eg. a project on mealtimes or a project about everyday activities for people with dementia

Current Research

  • Effect of Dementia Care Mapping and Person Centred Care on the Wellbeing of Residents with Dementia and Their Caregivers in Flemish Care Homes

Current Training

  • DCM Basic User Training
  • DCM Advanced User Training


Danish Flag T‌he Danish National Insitute for Elderly Education

Eva Bonde Nielson 
The Danish National Institute for Elderly Education
Gyvelbakken 33, DK 3460

Birkerød Denmark

Tel: +45 3860 6091

Courses Offered

  • Learning to Use Dementia Care Mapping
  • Dementia Care Mapping for Advanced Users


German Flag Private Universität Witten/Herdecke/Deutsches Zentrum fur Neurodegenerative Erkrankungen e.V. (DZNE) in Kooperation mit der Universität Witten/Herdecke

Christian Muller-Hergl 
Private Universität Witten/Herdecke
Faculty of Medicine
Alfred-Herrhausen-Str 50,
D-58448 Witten

Tel: (0049) 23 02 926 714

Current Research Projects

DCM and Qualidem Implementation Study on Strengthening of People with Dementia

  • The improvement of quality of life of residents with dementia is an important aim of nursing care. Person Centred Care refers to the individualisation of care and thereby contributes to quality of life. This key concept is particularly relevant in the care of residents with dementia in long term facilities. Dementia Care Mapping (DCM) is a tool for the implementation of Person Centred Care. 

Courses Delivered

  • Learning to Use Dementia Care Mapping
  • Dementia Care Mapping for Advanced Users

Hong Kong

Hong Kong Flag The Hong Kong Society for the Aged

Ms Maggie Leung, Executive Director
The Hong Kong Society for the Aged
11/F The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups Building
21 Pak Fuk Road
North Point
Hong Kong

Courses Delivered

  • Learning to use Dementia Care Mapping
  • Dementia Care Mapping for Advanced Users


Japanese Flag Imaise Mental Care Centre

Yutaka Mizuno, MD, PhD 
Director, Department of Psychogeriatrics,
Imaise Mental Care Hospital,
Gouchu Chahara, Miyaushiro,
Ichinomiya City,
Aichi, Japan 491-0057

Tel: +81 -586-45-2531
Fax: +81-586-44-7411

Current Research Projects

  • Improving Quality of Care and Strengthening Relationships Between Visiting Home Caregivers, Family and People with Dementia through DCM
  • What Care is Needed in Specialised Day Service for People with Pre-senile Dementia
  • Research on Behaviour and Emotions of the Elderly with Dementia Who Exhibit BPSD in Daily Life and in Music Therapy Sessions - Evaluation and Analysis Using DCM 7

Courses Delivered

  • DCM Basic User Status


Dutch Flags De Friese Wouden

Aukje Post 
Zorgkwadrant Fryslân Oost
Raad van Bestuur
Princes Margrietstraat 1
Postbus 76
9250 AB Burgum

Tel: 0031 0511 467500

Current Research Projects

An RCT Study of Cost Effectiveness of Dementia Care Mapping Intervention in Nursing Home Settings

  • To what extent is Dementia Care Mapping intervention effective in reducing neuropsychiatric symptoms (primary), staff distress (secondary), and costs of dementia care on psycho-geriatric units (PGUs)(secondary)

Courses Delivered

  • Learning to Use DCM (Basic User Status)
  • Using DCM for Practice Development (Advanced User Status)


Norwegian Flag Ageing and Health - Norwegian Centre for Research, Education and Service Development

Anne Marie Mork Rokstad

Ageing and Health – Norwegian Centre for Research, Education and Service Development

Aldring Og Helse

Oslo University Hospital HF


Bygn 37

N-0407 Oslo


Current DCM Projects

  • Using DCM to Develop PCC in Nursing Homes - Part of a Developmental Program in the Norwegian Dementia Plan 2015

Current Research Projects

Person Centred Care and Dementia Care Mapping Among Nursing Home Patients - An 18 Month Randomised Controlled Intervention Study

Dementia is a common and devastating disease in the elderly. No cure exists and there is an increasing need for care. To improve knowledge on how to provide better care for patients with dementia in nursing homes, we will carry out a controlled trial using two forms of education and developmental interventions towards the nursing home care staff, a structured framework (VIPS) and Dementia Care Mapping (DCM), to develop Person Centred Care in a randomised controlled study. 

In accordance with the knowledge found in the literature, we hypothesise that both VIPS and DCM will be more effective than a traditional educational program about dementia provided to the staff in nursing homes. The positive effects will be seen as reduced agitation in patients, less use of psychotropic drugs and improved quality of life. 

Using VIPS framework and DCM will also have a better effect on the well being of staff.

Courses Delivered

  • Learning to Use Dementia Care Mapping
  • DCM Advanced User Practice


Singapore Flag Disease Association of Singapore 

Carol H Fusek

Alzheimer's Disease Association of Singapore

New Horizon Centre - Toa Payoh

Blk 157

Toa Payoh Lorong 1, 




Current DCM Projects

PCC at the New Horizons Centers - Led by our Newly Formed PCC Consultancy

Courses Delivered

  • Learning to Use Dementia Care Mapping


Spanish Flag Alzheimer Cataluyna Fundacio

Elena Fernàndez 
Alzheimer Catalunya Fundacio
C/Bruc 65, 3er 2a
08009 Barcelona

Tel: +34 93 459 22 94

Current DCM Projects

  • L'Onada DCM Project
  • Llar-Unnim DCM Project

Current Research Projects

Person with Dementia Participation on Health Care Decisions (INCLUDEM)

  • To include the person with dementia in his/her care plan and health/social decisions and to evaluate its impact on his/her overall wellbeing

Courses Delivered

  • DCM Basic User Status
  • DCM Advanced User Status


Swiss Flag Careum Further Education

Carsten Niebergall 
Careum Further Education
Muhlemattstrasse 42
CH 5001 Aarau

Courses Delivered

  • Learning to Use Dementia Care Mapping


USA Flag Jentle Harts Consulting

Marilyn Hartle or LaDonna Jensen
Jentle Harts Consulting
PO Box 551087
IN 46205

E-mail: or

Courses Delivered

  • Learning to Use Dementia Care Mapping
  • Using DCM for Practice Development