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Dementia Care Mapping Data Sheets (8th Edition)

Terms and Conditions of Use

These sheets may be used by you for the sole purpose of conducting Dementia Care Mapping ™ , briefing sessions, data analysis and report writing and may not be modified, amended, have other works appended to it or be reproduced in whole or in part in any way except as may be reasonably required for the above Dementia Care Mapping ™ purposes, without the prior written consent of the University of Bradford.

You agree to acknowledge the University of  Bradford as the owner of the copyright in this work in all relevant publications produced by you or on your behalf. 

Any third party wishing to use this work in any way must obtain the prior written consent of the University of  Bradford, which shall be granted at the University of  Bradford's sole discretion. 

The University of Bradford gives no warranties in respect of the work and, to the fullest extent permitted by law, accepts no liability in relation to it.  Where consent is granted, it shall be subject to the University of Bradford being fully acknowledged in all relevant publications as the owner of the copyright in this work.

PDF versions of the files are read only and as such can be printed for handwriting information onto sheet. Word versions of the files can be typed directly into - however you should be aware that this may change the formatting or layout of any tables.

Raw Data Sheet

This is a blank copy of the raw data sheet into which Dementia Care Mapping ™ data is recorded when mapping.

Inter-Rater Reliability Data Sheet (IRR)

This data sheet allows the data of two mappers to be compared for the purposes of calculating concordance co-efficients for the purposes of calculating inter-rater reliability.

Sample Briefing Document

This is a copy of the sample briefing document that is located within the appendices of Brooker and Surr (2005) Dementia Care Mapping ™ : Principles and Practice. University of Bradford, Bradford.

Well-Being Profile Data Analysis Sheet

This is the tally chart for counting the number of occurrences of each ME value for use in the process of calculating a well-being profile.

Well-Being Profile Percentage Calculation Sheet

This is the sheet that assists a mapper in turning the information from the well-being profile tally chart into a percentage.

Behaviour Category Grid

This is the grid where the number of occurrences of each Behaviour Category Grid for individuals and group is recorded.

Personal Detractions/Personal Enhancers table

This is the table where the number of PDs and PEs noted within each psychological need are presented.

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