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We have a dedicated Midwifery Practice Suite, with a full range of midwifery models, task trainers along with a newborn, maternal and neonatal birthing simulator.



Birthing simulation

Our state-of-the-art birthing mannequin is designed to simulate the birthing experience before, during and after delivery.

It gives Midwifery students the opportunity to experience realistic fetal palpation, to understand the process of contractions and to deliver a baby through a lifelike birthing canal which simulates human tissue.

Tutors can programme “Noelle” with a variety of different realistic birthing scenarios, allowing students to update their clinical skills and to review their practice with their peers.

A student delivering a baby from our birthing mannequin

Midwifery practice suite

Student midwives have a dedicated clinical room with a full range of midwifery models e.g. for abdominal palpation and simulated birth. 

Students also share a suite of practical simulation rooms with other professional groups in the Faculty of Health Studies. They use these rooms to facilitate workshops, working in small groups and practising different midwifery activities on a rotational basis. 

A student midwife feeling the stomach of one of our practice manikins

Take the virtual tour!

Take a 360° tour of some of our facilities below, or immerse yourself fully with a Virtual Experience.

Midwifery Student comments

Being a Midwife