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Emergency Information

The following information is for staff, students, visitors and contractors who are on site at the University. 


This is a very loud siren in all University buildings, it will sound continuously. Upon hearing the alarm all occupants should lock their workstation (if applicable) and leave via the nearest available exit. this does not necessarily mean the way you entered the building, you should follow the standard evacuation signs depicted by the running man, some may also have a directional arrow.

 Fire Exit  Fire Exit Directional

Bomb Scare

The fire alarm system is used to alert staff of any bomb threat, in these circumstances instead of a continuous siren it is intermittent, upon hearing an intermittent alarm staff must collect their coat, keys, handbags etc. and leave the building. You must not return to your office if you are in another building or in an a different location, in these circumstances you must leave by the nearest available exit with other evacuees. 

In both Fire and Bomb situations it is important that people listen to the information that is being given by the Emergency Wardens, these people are identifiable by their yellow high visibility tabbards. Members of the central Health, Safety and Wellbeing team are identifiable by their Orange Jackets, again staff must follow any instructions they are given. 

Assembly Points and Campus Plans 

City Campus Assembly Points  City Campus
Faculty of Management and Law Assembly Points  ‌Faculty of Management and Law Assembly Points
Laisteridge Lane Assembly Points Laisteridge Lane
The Green (Student Accommodation) Assembly Points  The Green Assembly Points