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Stress In Perspective - Focus Groups Report

The Quality of Working Life survey highlighted certain areas of concern, which the University felt needed to be far better understood. This would enable the University to embark upon an appropriately structured action plan to improve the quality of working life.

Pre-selection of attendnace at the subsequent Stress In Perspective focus groups by random selection of individual survey respondents could therefore not be made since one cannot compel respondents to attend. There were therefore open invitations to attend specific focus groups. This was most likely to attract respondents who felt sufficiently intersted to attend and give their view in particular on those areas highlighted as problems in the survey.

Focus Group discussions were conducted for the key areas identified by staff in the survey: Peer Support, Bullying, Workload, Working Conditions and Culture Change, including Pride in the Organisation.

The focus group meetings, which lasted up to 2 hours, were held between 13 and 22 April 2010. We obtained 80 confidential views from 76 staff across different levels of seniority and location. We therefore covered some 10% of those completing the survey - a broader invitation and attendnace as compared with most of other large clients.

A copy of the full report is downloadable below:

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 Focus Group Report