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Stress In Perspective Focus Groups

A number of focus groups were facilitated by Stress In Perspective to explore 6 important issues identified during the Quality of Working Life Survey. The issues covered were:

Peer Support

To assess and discuss issues around the encouragement, sponsorship and resources provided by colleagues and suggest improvements.


To assess and discuss issues and experiences which are, or may be perceived as, bullying or harassment and to examine ways forward.


To assess and discuss the quantity and pace of assigned work and the extent to which staff are able to cope with workload demands and what we might do better to mitigate and improve ability to cope.

Working Conditions

The extent to which staff are satisfied with various aspects affecting their ability to work effectively, such as the fundamental resources provided at work, the physical working environment, health and safety, work hygiene and security and examine ways in which these might be improved.

Culture Change

The extent to which staff are satisfied with their job and the University culture and includes equity and fairness, management of race/sex issues and career development opportunities and how we might better manage these issues.

Pride in the Organisation

The extent to which staff are committed to, or engaged with the University and their willingness to recommend the University to others and what steps are needed to enhance pride and willingness.