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Working with Ionising Radiation

IR symbol Ionising radiation, is radiation that produces ionisation in matter, examples include cosmic radiation, alpha particles, gamma rays and X-rays. When these radiations pass through the tissues of the body they have sufficient energy to damage DNA. By following the University's arrangements and procedures when working with ionising radiation will ensure you keep both safe and within the law.

To view these documents or download them please click on the relevant link.

Document Title   Adobe PDF document Microsoft word document
 Ionising Radiation Policy Ionising Radiation Policy (pdf, 137 KB)  
 AURPO Guidance Notes AURPO Guidance (pdf,548 KB)  
BPM Best Practicable Means (pdf,233 KB)  Best Practicable Means (doc, 88.6 KB)
Lab. Decommissioning Protocol Decommissioning Protocol (pdf,112 KB)   Decommissioning Protocol (doc,73.5 KB) Decommissioning Protocol (doc,73.5 KB)
Registration Form - Sealed Sources Registration Form - Sealed Sources (pdf, 143 KB)


Registration Form - Unsealed Sources Registration Form - Unsealed Sources (pdf, 151 KB)


Registration Form - X-Rays Registration Form - X-Rays (pdf, 93.8 KB)