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Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

‌Portable electrical appliances are generally defined as those which have a lead (cable) and plug and are normally moved around or can be moved from place to place, e.g. vacuum cleaners, kettles, heaters, fans, desk lamps, soldering irons, angle grinders, hand drills, laboratory mixers and also equipment which can be moved, e.g. photocopiers, fax machines, desktop computers, printers, fridges, freezers, centrifuges. This type of equipment requires maintenance, routine inspection and testing to prevent the equipment becoming dangerous for use by the user and from a fire safety perspective.

Portable appliance testing is described in the document below:

For areas where trained portable appliance testers are not available to test equipment there is an option to contract this work out to a provider of portable appliance testing. There are a number of providers in the market place but the company currently providing testing to the University under a purchasing framework agreement is PHS Compliance.

If Faculties or Directorates would like PHS to provide testing this should be arranged directly with PHS. Contact details are below:

PHS Compliance
Compliance House
Golborne Enterprise Park
Kidglove Road
Tel: 01942 290 888
Fax: 01942 290 889