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Overseas Travel 

The University wants to ensure that any employees and students travelling overseas on business are protected from harm, and that any risks associated with the travel are kept to a minimum.

There are two separate processes for employees and students.

For employees - Before any overseas travel can be authorised a Travel Funding and Insurance Approval form must be completed.  Once completed this will generate a risk assessment form.  Considerations covered are; 

  • Any health implications,
  • Communication whilst abroad,
  • Accommodation and travel arrangements,
  • Security throughout the visit,
  • The specific work activities to be undertaken, 
  • Emergency procedures,

Students currently complete a paper version of the Approval Form and Risk Assessment, both available to download on the links below

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) also has details of any precautions that should be taken and/or restrictions on travel.

Document Title Word Document PDF Document
Student - Guest Travel Approval Form  Student - Guest Travel Approval Form (50KB) Student - Guest Travel Approval Form (288KB)
Overseas Travel Pack (includes risk assessment form)   Overseas Travel Pack (docx, 71KB)  Overseas Travel Pack (pdf, 635KB)

Should you require any additional information relating to your overseas travel please contact the University's Insurance department.