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Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEEPS)

Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans or PEEP's for short are personalised plans for individuals who feel they may need assistance to evacuate safely from a building. The type of assistance will vary dependent upon the level of disability the person may have. This may be as simple as accompanying the person out of the building if they are feeling a little anxious or it could be assisting them in an Evac+Chair down the stairs.

The PEEP may  only be required temporarily if the person has suffered an injury e.g. broken leg which reduces mobility, or pregnancy which may reduce the speed at which someone may walk.

People requiring a PEEP should complete the Online PEEP document found in the table below and forward this either electronically or in paper format to the Fire Safety Officer who once the document has been reviewed will arrange a meeting. This can be done confidentially or in the presence of the line manager. The discussion will take no more than an hour depending upon the level of assistance required and the person's building knowledge.

In addition to personalised plans there are a number of generic plans which are building specific rather than tailored to an individuals needs. Primarily these are for the benefit of visitors, but may be sufficient for a member of staff or students needs.

N.B. If a generic plan for your building is not listed below, please contact the Fire Safety Officer for further advice.

 Available Electronic PEEPSAdobe PDF DocumentWord Document
Online PEEP document for completing and forwarding to the Fire Safety Officer PEEP Plan (PDF, 62.8KB)  PEEP Plan (Word, 200KB) 
Richmond Building PEEP