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Fire Codes

The table below contains a list of Fire Codes, these Fire Codes form part of the Schedule of the Universities Fire Safety Policy and deal with specific subjects or areas. The Codes form part of the Universities fire prevention and fire safety strategy and must be complied with.

Where additional guidance or clarification is required the Universities Fire Safety Officer should be contacted.

Fire Codes Adobe PDF Document Word Document 
FC 1 - Waste Containers    
FC 2 - Corridors and Escape Routes    
FC 3(a) - Portable Heaters


FC 3(b) - Toasters


FC 3(c) - Fire Safety in Kitchenettes Under Consultation  
FC 4 - Evacuation Strategy For The Mobility Impaired From Multi Storey University Buildings  Under Consultation  
 FC 5 - Identification of Persons Requiring Assistance to Evacuate     
FC 6 - Fire Safety and Exhibitions Under Consultation   
FC 7 - Fire Safety and Laboratory/workshop Safety Signage     
 FC 8 - Fire Stopping and Passive Fire Protection     
FC 9 - Fire Door Installation    
FC 10 - Guidance in the use of Marquees, Tents and other Temporary Structures    
FC 11a - Fire Alarm Systems - Employers Requirements, General Design & Installation Guidance 

Technical document updated 18 March 2014.


Copy can be obtained from the Fire Safety Officer upon request