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Evacuation Procedures

There are a number of documents relating to the emergency evacuation process which range from an overarching approach to specific procedures which deal with areas where the evacuation process is not straight forward.

The full range of documents are being compiled. Should you not find the one which you require please check back later or contact the Fire Safety Officer.

Evacuation Procedure DocumentsAdobe PDF DocumentWord Document
General Statement    
Forster Building    
Great Hall    
Student Central Student Central Evacuation (pdf 976 KB)   
Unique Fitness and Leisure Unique leisure centre Evacuation (pdf 87.2 KB)   
F 27 Richmond Building    
School of Health    
N Floor Richmond    
Richmond Building    
Horton D 'Barn'    
Theatre in the Mill  Theatre in the Mill Evacuation (pdf 558 KB)  
Norcroft Conference Centre    
The Orchard (SSV) The Orchard pdf. (154kb)   Not available as a Word document 
The Green (SSV) The Green pdf (679kb)   Not available as a Word document