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Display Screen Equipment

Display screen equipment is a term generally associated with desk top or laptop computers which are used for or in connection with work, but the term is also associated with other display equipment such as wall or machinery mounted monitors which are integral to the job. Display screen equipment does not include display equipment mainly intended for public use or calculators, cash registers or similar, but does include computer equipment provided for use by students in classrooms or PC cluster rooms.

The following documents should be followed as a minimum requirement:


Document Title Adobe PDF Document  
DSE Policy  DSE Policy (150 KB).pdf  
DSE Procedure -  Eyesight Test  DSE Procedure - Eyesight Test (139 KB).pdf  
Setting Up Your Workstation Setting Up Your Workstation (130 KB).pdf
HSE DSE Equipment Checklist HSE Display Screen Equipment Checklist (821 KB).pdf  
Health & Safety DSE Online Workrite 'Assessrite' Training Health & Safety DSE Online Workrite 'Assessrite' Training  


Every member of staff using Display Screen Equipment must:

  • Complete the online Workrite ‘Assessrite’ training and assessment package.  
  • Adjust their own workstation and work practices in accordance with the guidance given to ensure their own health and safety.  
  • If required from the assessment, liaise and co‚Äźoperate with the advice from the Health, Safety and Wellbeing function.  
  • Comply with the requirements of the Eyesight Test and Purchase of Corrective Appliances (Glasses) procedure.  
  • Review and resubmit the Workrite ‘Assessrite’ at regular intervals as requested (e.g. every 2½ years) and / or if any changes such as workstation provision, workstation location, nature of work, medical conditions, health problems, or pregnancy occur.  The system will automatically send out reminders every 2½ years.  If you would like to re-do your assessment for any other reason please email