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Your transcript is an official document which confirms your academic progress at the University of Bradford. It includes details of all the modules you have taken in each year of study (including module titles, corresponding marks and credits), and confirms your graduation date and award classification.  

If you are a current student or are due to graduate in an upcoming ceremony and require an award letter and a list of your marks, please contact the MyBradford team.


Students who have graduated from December 2007 onwards have been sent a registration email for GradIntelligence, a partner platform which enables you to view and share your University Transcript, European Diploma Supplement and HEAR* securely. 

*The HEAR is available for students who graduated from July 2017 onwards.

Your official University HEAR and Transcript are made available shortly after your graduation ceremony; if you haven't already registered, you will receive an email at that time with information and guidance on how to register and access your documents. 

Continue to GradIntelligence 

If you graduated from the University before 2007 your transcript cannot be hosted on GradIntelligence, however we can provide a printed copy of your transcript upon request, and there is a fee associated with this service.

If you graduated and were taught at one of our partner institutions you should contact the University to confirm if you can gain access to Gradintelligence.

Please email the Awards and Registry Team or call +44 (0) 1274 233002, quoting your UB number (if known) and stating your date of birth, full name and graduation year.

If you have already registered an account, have forgotten your password, or are no longer associated with the email address used to Register your GradIntelligence account, please contact the Gradintelligence Customer Services Team using their web form.

Purchase a physical copy of your transcript

You might need your transcript to apply for graduate courses, for employment or emigration purposes. To request official printed copies of your transcripts, please visit the University of Bradford online store.

You can only order your own transcript and you must provide proof of identity in order for us to process your order  (e.g. passport, UK birth certificate).

If your name has changed since you studied at the University we will also require proof of your change of name (e.g. Deed Poll or Marriage Certificate). 

If you graduated before 2007 there is an increased administrative cost for retrieving your academic results from our archives. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that a full set of marks will be available. If for any reason your order cannot be fulfilled, we will contact you.

Please note that busy periods, around enrolment and graduation ceremonies, may cause delays to your order.

If you were awarded a research degree (MPhil or PhD) we cannot provide a transcript. Please email to request an official award letter; this is currently free of charge by email or standard delivery.

Upon request, we can provide Transcripts in sealed envelopes with the University stamp to prove that the document is authentic, which can be posted to specific addresses (up-to-two per online order). You will find this option when completing the online order.

Please note that we are unable to produce Transcripts for students who have studied with Bradford College, Craven College and Leeds College of Music. Please contact your corresponding college for more details.

If you studied with Bradford College and require Transcripts, please email

When a trans person transitions to living permanently in their affirmed gender, they are able to change their name and gender on most public and private records including: driving licence, passport and their medical, employment and education records.

The University will facilitate a change of name on your transcript and certificate.

You will be requested to return your original certificate and provide evidence of your change of name to facilitate this change; we will accept scanned copies of a Statutory Declaration of Name Change or Deed Poll or overseas equivalent. 

Please contact the Registry and Awards Team for further guidance:

Email: Tel: 01274 233002