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Frequently Asked Questions

Before Graduation


When do I get my invitation?

The ceremony invitations are due to be sent out in early October 2017.

You should reply to your ceremony invitation no later than 3rd November 2017 by logging into e:Vision and completing the reply process.

If you have not received an invitation for the December 2017 ceremonies by 16th October 2017 please contact us:

How do I book my place, and what happens if I can't attend?

Log into e:Vision where you will find your graduation ceremony invitation in the 'To Do List' tab.

Click on 'My Invite to the July 2018 Graduation Ceremonies' and complete the task.

You will be able to choose the option to attend the ceremony, graduate in absentia or defer to the December 2018 ceremonies.*

The MyBradford staff are unable to assist with login problems, these should be directed to:

If you no longer have access to e:Vision, please note that the online reply form will be added here in due course.

* The option to defer is not available to students who deferred from December 2017*

What do I do if I have a debt to the University, how do I check how much I owe?

It is important that you clear all your financial commitments with the University by 29 June 2018.

You may not be permitted to receive your award certificate or attend your graduation ceremony if this has not been done.

Please log in to e:Vision to see your current outstanding financial commitments with the University. **Library fines will not be displayed in e:vision, please visit the library to check for any outstanding balances**

To discuss any outstanding amount, please contact the Finance Team:

When do I get my certificate?

  • If you are attending your ceremony in person your certificate will be presented to you on stage during the ceremony. *
  • If you choose to graduate in absentia your certificate will be sent to you up to three weeks after the ceremonies have taken place, or can be collected from MyBradford at Richmond in the Richmond Building approximately one week after the ceremonies have taken place.
  • If you wish to have someone collect your certificate on your behalf please provide the details on the e:Vision reply process.
  • Certificates are sent by regular first class post or air mail. If you want your certificate to be sent by courier we can arrange this for a charge of £20.00. Payment will need to be made at Payzone either in person, or by calling +44 (0) 1274 233137 / 3138 quoting the reference 'CER - DHL', or alternatively via our estore online payment facility (DHL Postage - Graduation Ceremonies). Please ensure you pay before 17 July 2018.
  • If you have ordered a DHL delivery through e:Vision your certificate will be dispatched up to three weeks after the ceremony (after successful payment).
  • If you have ordered a DHL delivery through other means you MUST inform us via the email address below so that we may track your payment.
  • If you choose to defer graduation, your certificate will not be issued until the time of the future ceremony and will be dated accordingly.  It is not possible to issue certificates until the award has been officially conferred at a ceremony.  The deadline for students wishing to defer to the December 2018 ceremonies is 29 June 2018.

* If you have an outstanding debt your certificate may not be issued until the amount has been paid in full*

If you have any queries please email

What are the times for arrival, robe collection, photography and the ceremony?


Registration takes place in the Small Hall, D Floor of Richmond Building.

Registration will open at 8.15am until 3.30pm on Wednesday 6 and Thursday 7 December 2017. Registration (in the Small Hall) may close for lunch on each of these dates at approx. 1.30pm until 2pm.

We recommend that you register 1hour 30mins before the start time of your ceremony  **please note that you must register for your ceremony no later than 30 minutes before the ceremony is due to start, in order to guarantee your place**

The doors to the Great Hall will be closed 15 minutes before the ceremony is due to start and we cannot guarantee entry into the ceremony after this time. 


Gowns will be available to collect from the Norcroft Centre on the day of your ceremony.

For the 10.00am ceremonies collection is from 8.00am, for the 1.15pm ceremonies collection is from 11.15am, for the 4.00pm ceremonies collection is from 1.00pm.

Members of staff from the University robemakers will be available to help you with robing.

Gowns should be returned after the ceremony to the Norcroft Centre no later than 6.30pm. It is helpful if you bring your student ID card with you when collecting your gown.


The University photographers' studio will be located in the Sports Hall and we recommend you visit after you have graduated.

If you have any queries regarding photography please contact Success Photography (Tel: 01293 822 211 (+441293 822 211); email: 

Your photograph will also be taken whilst you are receiving your certificate on stage.

If your guests wish to take photographs during the ceremony they may do this but should remain seated throughout the proceedings.

How do I hire my gown and how much does it cost?

Your gown must be ordered from Success, the University robemakers. 

Gowns can be ordered online; if you have any queries please telephone Success (+44 (0)1264 339 706). 

The deadline for online orders for the July 2018 ceremonies will be two weeks before the Graduation Ceremonies.

The cost of hiring the full academic outfit (gown, hood and hat) is £44.

Please note that there is a limited stock of gowns to hire on the day of your ceremony but payment on the day must be made in cash.

It is important you hire your gown as you are unable to graduate at a graduation ceremony without it.

What is the date and time for the ceremony for my subject?

Please see the Schedule of Ceremonies for more information.

How do I get tickets for me and my guests?

When confirming your booking via e:Vision you may apply for up to two free guest tickets.

The graduand place is free of charge. You do not need to request a ticket for yourself.

How many guest tickets am I allowed?

Due to the limited capacity of the Hall, when replying to your ceremony invitation you may apply for a maximum of two guests tickets within the Great Hall, free of charge.

Additional guest tickets

Once all the final results have been processed approximately one week prior to the ceremony, the number of spare tickets for each ceremony is calculated.

Availability of spare tickets is not guaranteed and depends on ceremony capacity.

Spare tickets will be available to purchase online only and we will email you with the details of when they are due to go on sale.

This will be approximately one week prior to the ceremony. 

Please note: There is no guarantee that any spare tickets will be available and these are limited to two per graduand.

No graduand will be able to obtain a total of more than four guest tickets for the Great Hall prior to the date of the ceremony (two free tickets/two purchased tickets) – no exceptions will be made.

Screening Venue

The ceremonies will also be broadcast on a screen in the Horton Barn Theatre for guests who do not have tickets for the Great Hall.

Tickets for the screening are free of charge and are only available on the day of the ceremony from the Registration Desk in the Small Hall.

Tickets are limited to four tickets per graduand and are issued strictly first-come first-served.

Do children need their own ticket?

Children over two years old must have their own seat in the Great Hall and therefore must be included in your guest numbers. 

Children up to the age of two may sit on an adult's lap and do not require a separate ticket.

This is due to health and safety regulations that require all participants and guests at the ceremonies to be seated.

Children under the age of 16 are not allowed into Great Hall or the screening venue without being accompanied by an adult. 

Please note: Graduands and guests are seated separately within the Hall.  If graduands wish to bring children under the age of 16 they must be accompanied by another adult and cannot be seated with the graduands/graduates.

What happens if I don't pass or I can't attend once I have paid for my gown?

To cancel your place at the ceremony, please email before the ceremonies. 

For students who do not pass, if appropriate you will be invited to attend a future graduation ceremony.

To arrange a refund for your gown or photography please contact the following - before the ceremonies (please see the companies' Terms and Conditions for their cancellation policy in relation to refunds):

Gown Hire: Success

Photography: Success Photography