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Declarations of Interest

In accordance with good governance practice, the Legal and Secretariat Office maintains an annual Register of Declarations of Interest for members of the Council, the Senate and the Executive Board and members are requested to lodge with the Legal and Secretariat Office a completed pro-forma declaring all external interests which could, potentially, conflict with their role.

Information to be included:

Members themselves are in the best position to judge what information should be recorded in the Register, although, the following categories of interest are put forward by way of example:

Category of interestInformation to be disclosed

Paid employment

Nature of employer and position held

Self-employment / Consultancy

Nature of business

Directorship of commercial companies

Names of companies

Significant share holdings

Names of companies in which the corporation member owns, say 1% or more of the issues share capital

Elected office

Name of authority and office held

Trusteeships or participation in the management of charities and other voluntary bodies

Name of body and nature of office held

Public appointments (paid or unpaid)

Name of body and office held

Membership of professional bodies

Name of body

Where no such interests are identified, a nil return must be given.

Members will be asked to review their entries in the Register to ensure that its ongoing accuracy before 1 October each year (although members will be asked to notify the University Secretary if there are any changes during the year). Forms will be held securely by the Legal and Secretariat Office but a copy of this information will be available both by publication and to individuals who make enquiries. New members will be given a form to complete and sign as part of their induction process.

Once completed, forms should be returned to the Legal and Secretariat Office, or by email to

In addition to the formal Register of Declarations of Interest, members of Committees are asked to declare any interests which might conflict with the interests of the University with regard to specific items on the agenda for each meeting that they attend.


Nolan Report

Here is the Third Nolan Report (pdf 6810kb) into the code of conduct in public life.