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Committee Templates and Good Governance Guidance

This guidance relates to all reports presented to formal University Committees

Committee reports will be no more than eight pages (including appendices).  Additional papers will  not be included in the formal committee circulation but may be uploaded to Blackboard as reference material;

  • The executive summary cover sheet must be meaningful in its own right and must contain sufficient information for the reading to be able to understand the general principles of the report itself.  It should include the purpose of the report and key points for consideration by the Committee, for example, key benefits, how it will support the achievement of the University Strategy, any financial impacts, any risks and mitigating actions and whether it has been considered/supported by a Committee previously;
  • The conclusions and recommendations of the reports must set out clearly the actions that the report author wishes the members of the committee to take; ie to receive and note, to take specific actions, to recommend approval to a parent committee or to approve;
  • Reports should be in a format that is accessible electronically.  Charts and tables should be large enough to be clearly legible.  PowerPoint slides should not be cut and pasted into the middle of reports or used in place of reports.
  • Paragraphs should be numbered sequentially with headings in bold.

All reports should be approved and owned by a member of the Executive Board and then sent to the relevant committee secretary ten days in advance of the meeting.  Report authors should note that the requirement for reports to be in the correct report format and to be submitted by the deadline, not after, will be adhered to strictly for all formal University Committees.  Poorly formatted or constructed reports or late reports will  not be accepted or included in the committee circulation.  This will allow the continued good practice of circulating committee papers a week in advance of the meeting itself.  This is essential to allow committee members the appropriate amount of time to read and consider all reports, including those for information, and to prepare fully for each meeting.

In addition, report presenters should be able to summarise their reports at the committee meetings and take no more than five minutes to capture the main points and outline the conclusions and recommendations.

Committee Templates and Example Documents

Agenda template (docx, 46 KB) Example agenda (pdf, 154 KB)
Minutes template (Word, 48KB) Example-Minutes (PDF, 171KB)
Report template (Word,50KB) Example Report (pdf, 178 KB)
Terms of reference and membership template (docx, 25 KB) Example Terms of Reference (pdf, 133 KB)

Guidelines for producing committee documentation

This document explains the processes involved in producing accessible Committee documentation, which is now a legal requirement.

Note:  To be accessible, a Word document must have a defined structure, ie headings, sub-headings, and any numbered or ordinary bullet points should be created using ‘styles’.  The above templates already incorporate all the styles to be used.  Please do not create, modify or delete any of the styles.  If you feel a style should be changed, please email the Legal and Secretariat Team on


Good Governance Guide

This document was revised and approved at Executive Board held on 13 September 2017 and as set out in the Guide, late papers and any that are not submitted in the correct report format will not be included.