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The Constitution of the Assembly

The Assembly is a Statutory Body of the University consisting of all academic staff, and those academic-related staff designated as 'academic' by decision of Senate. However, by agreement of the Senate, all members of the University who are not also members of academic staff shall be invited both to attend meetings and to play a full part in them. The Assembly has no executive powers, but it does have a wide-ranging consultative and advisory role on any matter of concern to the University community. As such, it offers a broad forum of debate, and takes its place in the general representative structure of the University alongside bodies with different remits, functions and memberships, such as the Senior Common Room and the AUT.

There is a Standing Committee of the Assembly composed of the Senate members elected directly from the Assembly constituency, and other elected representatives. The Standing Committee represents the Assembly in discussions with other Statutory Bodies and reports on such discussions to the Assembly. The Chair of the Standing Committee of the Assembly shall conduct the business of the meeting of the Assembly on behalf of the Vice-Chancellor (Chair of the Assembly - ex officio).