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Policies - A to Z

A to Z of Policies

Links to University policies, varying from Academic Quality to the Student Charter will appear on here, with each area having its own page.

Type of PolicyLink
Academic Quality  This site is under review and will change soon. The correct link will be provided once the new site becomes available. Thank you for your patience.

Complaints Procedure

  • Staff and Students;
  • External.

The Complaints Procedure is dealt with on the Breaches, Appeals and Complaints site.

Staff and Student Complaints are dealt with separately:

Data Protection Link to the Data Protection site.
Equality and Diversity Link to the Equality and Diversity policies.
Ethics Code Link to the Ethics Code.
Financial Link to the Financial policies site.
Health and Safety Link to the Health and Safety Policy site.
Human Resources Link to the Human Resources site.
I.T., Library and Voice

Links as below: -

Learning and Teaching Here is the link to the Learning and Teaching Policy.

And here is the Learning and Teaching at Bradford link. On this page you will be able to access information on the Employability Strategy, how the University develops and supports its students, the professional development of our staff, quality enhancement and our teaching facilities.

Legal Link to Legal website.
Licencing Link to Library site.
No Smoking This policy has not yet been fully implemented, but when it does, there will be a link to it from this page.
RKTS Research Ethics Policy Download RKTS Research Ethics Policy (doc, 200KB).
Strategies, Policies, Mission and Values Link to Strategies, Policies Missions and Values.
Publication Scheme - Freedom Of Information Here is a link to the Publication Scheme site.
Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement (pdf,106kb)
Student Charter Link to the Student Charter site.
Student Policies Here are links to the Fit To Study Policy (pdf 284kb), including the Fit To Study Flowchart (pdf 58kb)Student Disciplinary Regulations and Procedure (pdf, 144kb), Fitness To Practice Policy (pdf 74kb)
Students Union Code of Practice Students Union Code of Practice (pdf,118kb)
Whistleblowing Code of Practice Whistleblowing (Public Interest Disclosure) Code of Practice (pdf, 130kb)