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Student Fitness to Practise Procedure

The University operates a range of programmes relating to professions regulated by Professional Statutory or Regulatory Bodies (PSRBs) which require that students demonstrate that they are fit to practise in that profession. 

The List of Programmes subject to the Student Fitness to Practise Procedure is approved annually by the Deans of the faculties that administer the programmes on the list.  It may also be changed following the introduction of new programmes or removal of existing ones.

Fitness to practise means that someone has the capability, professional skills, knowledge, health and character to do their job safely and effectively. The Student Fitness to Practise Procedure sets out the University’s procedure for handling situations where a concern is raised about a student’s fitness to practise.

Summary of the Student Fitness to Practise Procedure

Concerns about a student’s fitness to practise should be directed to the Head of School: any concerns provided orally should be followed up in writing. 

The procedure sets out three stages at which misconduct is considered and the Head of School, or their nominee will decide whether there is action to be taken and, where this is the case, whether the allegation or concern will be dealt with informally at the first stage by local resolution, or whether it should be considered under the formal stages of the Procedure. 

In some circumstances, the Head of School can recommend to the Vice-Chancellor or another senior University officer, that a student be suspended temporarily while the investigation or hearing takes place: the University recognises that although suspension is designed to be a neutral act, it can have serious consequences to the student in question and therefore the decision to suspend is only taken where the risk level is deemed to be high.

The University may be required to report fitness to practise concerns. This may be to

  • to the relevant Professional Statutory or Regulatory Bodies
  • to a student’s employer, and/or 
  • to the Disclosure and Barring Service.

Student Fitness to Practise Procedure October 2021 (PDF, 362kB)

Student Fitness to Practise Procedure 2019 (PDF, 325kB) for consideration of fitness to practice concerns raised prior to 27 October 2021

For advice on student fitness to practise matters, please contact your Head of School or the Legal and Governance Department, email: tel: 01274 233111.