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University Ordinances

Ordinance 18

University Land and Buildings

1 Any land or building acquired by the University by the expenditure of University moneys, whether from Exchequer or other sources shall, for the duration of the University's interest in the land or building, remain within the unfettered control of the University, except that:

i) The University may let, or in the case of a tenancy, sub-let the land or building or any part of it to any organisation or individual.

ii) The University may grant a licence to any organisation or individual to use the land or building or any part of it, such licence to be revocable at any time on the giving of such notice as the Council shall deem to be reasonable in the circumstances after consulting the organisation or individual concerned.

2 Nothing in the foregoing shall prevent the University from acquiring land or a building with moneys provided by another organisation or by an individual and holding that land or building upon trust for the purposes of that organisation or individual.

3 The expression 'building' as used in this Ordinance shall include part of a building.