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University Ordinances

Ordinance 17

Graduates' Association of the University of Bradford

1 There shall be a Graduates' Association of the University consisting of:

1.1 the Chancellor, the Pro-Chancellor(s), the Vice-Chancellor, the Pro-Vice-Chancellor(s), the Deans of the Schools, the Director of Learning Support Services, the Registrar and Secretary, the President of Bradford Union;

1.2 such other members of the academic staff of the University, not being graduates of the University, as shall inform the Registrar and Secretary of their wish to be in membership;

1.3 graduates of the University of Bradford who have studied at the University of Bradford;

1.4 those who have obtained a qualification of the University of Bradford after having studied full-time at the University of Bradford for a minimum of two academic years as an undergraduate or one academic year as a postgraduate (or the equivalent on a part-time basis);

1.5 those who have in consequence of studies pursued at other institutions obtained a degree of the University of Bradford, subject to their eligibility for membership being on such terms as Senate shall determine from time to time after consultations with the institution concerned.

2 The Honorary Graduates of the University shall be invited to become life members of the Graduates' Association.;

3 The Chairperson of the Graduates' Association shall be elected by and from the members of the Graduates' Association for such period as may be prescribed by the Graduates' Association and will maintain a register of members.;

4 There shall be at least one ordinary meeting of the Graduates' Association during each year which shall be held not later than fifteen months after the previous meeting.;

5 The Graduates' Association shall elect to the Court six representatives of the Graduates of the University, as prescribed by Regulation of the Senate.;

6 The Graduates' Association may nominate for consideration by the Council one person to represent the Graduates of the University as a member of the Council as prescribed by Statute 15.(1)(IV). The method of appointment shall be as prescribed by the Council.;

7 The Graduates' Association may discuss and declare an opinion on any matter whatsoever relating to the University, including any matter referred to it by the Court, the Council, the Senate or the University of Bradford Union, and, if it so decides, submit resolutions to the Court, the Council, the Senate or the University of Bradford Union.;

8 The Graduates' Association, if it so wishes, may elect an Executive Committee and may delegate certain of its functions thereto, provided always that no exercise of this power of delegation shall take effect until approved by the Council. The Chairperson of the Graduates' Association for the time being shall be the Chairperson of the Executive Committee if established.;

9 Except where other provision is expressly made in this Ordinance or Regulations made thereunder, the Graduates' Association shall discharge its function through the medium of its meetings. Subject to the foregoing, the Graduates' Association may regulate its own procedure.

10 It shall be the responsibility of members of the Graduates' Association to keep the Registrar and Secretary informed of any change in their permanent address.