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University Ordinances

Ordinance 16

Conduct of Student Members of the University

1 All students are required to sign an undertaking as a condition of their registration with the University that they will duly observe the Charter and Statutes, Ordinances and Regulations of the University from time to time in force.

2 The authority of the University to take disciplinary action against students whose conduct is in breach of the University's Ordinances and Regulations derives from the powers of the Vice-Chancellor and of the Senate as defined in Statutes 5(5) and 20(29 and 30) and 31.

3 The following are examples of the kinds of conduct which the University regards as unacceptable and in respect of which disciplinary action might be taken against students under this Ordinance.

3.1 Conduct which disrupts the teaching, study, research or administration of the University.

3.2 Conduct which obstructs any member, officer, or servant of, or visitor to the University from going about his/her legitimate business in the University.

3.3 Conduct which endangers the safety of, or injures any member, officer or servant of, or visitor to the University.

3.4 Offences in connection with University examinations or the presentation of work for formal assessment.

3.5 Offences against the Code of Practice on Freedom of Speech.

3.6 Conduct which causes damage to University property or premises, or which is reckless as to whether such property or premises would be damaged.

3.7 Falsification or misuse of University records including certificates of academic awards.

3.8 False pretences in connection with academic attainments or financial awards.

3.9 Theft, fraud, misapplication of, or negligence in connection with University funds or property.

3.10 Other offences against the criminal law where these offences involve staff or other students or directly affect the interests of the University.

3.11 Breaches of University Regulations relating to University residential accommodation, physical recreation facilities, libraries, the Computer Centre, or other University facilities.

3.12 Failure to pay a financial penalty imposed as a result of disciplinary action taken under this Ordinance.


4 The fact that proceedings in a Court of Law have been instituted against a student or that the police do not intend to proceed with the matter does not preclude the University from taking its own disciplinary action.

5 The Vice-Chancellor has a general responsibility to the Council and the Senate to maintain the good order of the University. He or she may delegate certain responsibilities and powers in this connection to a Disciplinary Committee and/or to certain University Officers, namely:

* the Pro-Vice-Chancellors;

* the Deans;

* the Director of Learning Support Services;

* the Director of Student Services;

* the Director of Residences and Catering.

In certain cases the Director of Student Services or the Director of Residences and Catering may delegate certain responsibilities and powers to the Wardens of Halls, the Halls' Disciplinary Committee, or the Director of Physical Recreation. The Director of Learning Support Services may delegate certain responsibilities and powers to the appropriate Head of a Division of Learning Support.

6 The procedures for dealing with an alleged commission of an act which constitutes conduct unacceptable to the University as exemplified in Section 3 of this Ordinance are laid down in University Regulations.

7 A guilty plea or a finding of guilt, and the penalty, in respect of disciplinary action taken against a student under this Ordinance shall be expunged from the record when the student finally leaves the University, except where the penalty is suspension, exclusion or expulsion from the University.