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University Ordinances

Ordinance 10

Award of Honorary Degrees

1. The Council may, on the recommendation of the Senate, after report from the Joint Committee of the Council and the Senate on Honorary Degrees, resolve, under Statute 34 of the Charter and Statutes, that Honorary Degrees shall be conferred. An honorary degree shall not be conferred upon any person whose name has not been approved for that purpose by both the Senate and the Council.
2. The Joint Committee shall meet at least once in each academic year to consider the names of persons on whom it is proposed to confer honorary degrees.
3. Nominations shall be invited once per year for honorary degrees through the Vice-Chancellor to the Joint Committee. The invitations to submit these nominations shall be extended sufficiently early to ensure that the recommendations of the Joint Committee for the conferment of honorary degrees in a particular academic year are submitted for the approval of the Senate and of the Council by not later than their final meetings in the previous academic year. This requirement does not, however, preclude the making of nominations at any other time through the Vice-Chancellor to the Joint Committee.
4. The Joint Committee shall consider and report to the Senate upon the nominations submitted to it and shall recommend to the Senate those nominated persons on whom honorary degrees of the University shall be conferred. The Joint Committee may also recommend to the Senate the title of the degree to be conferred in each case.
5. The Senate shall consider the report of the Joint Committee and shall transmit it to the Council with the names of the persons on whom it is recommended that honorary degrees shall be conferred and the title of the degree to be conferred in each case.