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University Regulations: Regulation 32

Regulation 32

Student Membership of the Senate

1 Statute 19(1)III(B) provides for eight student members of the Senate, one of whom shall be the President for the time being of the Students' Association referred to in Article 17(1) of the University's Charter and the remaining seven shall be elected by and from the students.

2 The seven elected student membership places shall be allocated as follows:

i) 2 postgraduate students elected by and from postgraduate students in the University.

ii) 5 undergraduate students elected by and from undergraduate students in the University.

3 The period of membership shall be for one year and shall commence the 1st August of the particular year and finish on 31 July of the following year.

4 In the event of a membership place becoming vacant the period of membership for any person filling the vacancy shall be for the remaining part of the year in question.


5.1 Nominations for the membership places shall be invited by notice during the first week of the first semester of each academic session. The notice shall be issued not less than ten days before the date fixed for the ballot for the election.

5.2 A nomination shall only be valid if it includes a proposer and seconder from the appropriate constituency and a signed declaration from the candidate of a willingness to stand for nomination and election.

5.3 A candidate shall also submit, at the time of nomination, either a signed manifesto of not more than one A4 page in length supporting the candidature to be used in the event of a ballot or a signed declaration that the candidate is willing to stand without such a manifesto.

5.4 Nominations shall be submitted to the Registrar and Secretary by a date and time indicated in the notice of election, which shall be not later than one week from the date on which the notice was issued.

6 Where more than one valid nomination for the position concerned is received, an election shall be arranged, which shall be held in the week following the close of nominations

7 The election shall be by secret ballot.

8 Voting shall be by the simple majority system under which the person, or persons, where more than one vacancy exists, receiving the most votes on a single ballot shall be declared elected.

9 Where two or more candidates receive the same number of votes and the number of vacancies remaining to be filled is less than the number of those candidates, a further ballot will be arranged for the remaining vacancies with those tying as the only candidates. If the result of this ballot remains a tie the result of the election shall be determined by the spinning of a coin.

10 The result of the election shall be declared by the Registrar and Secretary not later than one day after the last date of the receipt of ballot papers.