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University Regulations: Regulation 20

Regulation 20

Use of the Library


1.1 Admission to the Library is conditional on observance of its regulations. All readers are presumed to know these regulations, which may be consulted via the Library Home Page on the Web, and copies of which may be obtained at the Counter.

1.2 All members of the Library and University Security staffs are empowered to enforce the regulations.

1.3 In these regulations the word "book" is deemed to cover all kinds of Library material, unless the context specifically limits the meaning to a particular type of material.



2.1 The standard opening hours shall be as approved by the Senate, and shall be prominently displayed at each Library. These may be temporarily varied by the Head of Library Services in exceptional circumstances.
2.2 All the Libraries are normally closed on statutory and customary holidays.



3.1 Persons in the following categories are entitled to the use of the Library for reference and study purposes:

3.1.1 Members of the Court and Council during their term of office;

3.1.2 Members and retired members of the University staff;

3.1.3 Full and part-time students registered for courses of study within the University.


3.2 Other persons not mentioned in 3.1 above may be granted permission to use one or more of the libraries constituting the University Library for reference and study purposes for the period of the current academic year or part thereof at the discretion of the Head of Library Services.

3.3 Students of the University will receive an identity card on registration with the University. This card also acts as the Library card. Other persons must complete a Library Registration Form and provide proof of identity.

3.4 All external readers making regular use of the Library for reference and study purposes, are issued with a Library card. A current passport-sized photograph must be provided on registration with the Library.

3.5 All readers must carry the Library card at all times when using the Library. Entry control is in operation at the J B Priestley Library and admission may be refused without it. The card is not transferable.

3.6 Subject to these Regulations, all readers are entitled to unrestricted access to general reading and study areas, and open bookstack areas. Permission to use collections in closed areas (except in the case of theses and dissertations) must be obtained from the Head of Library Services.

3.7 External readers are not entitled to access electronic information services whose usage is limited to members of the University.



4.1 Readers may borrow books as follows:

4.1.1 Members of the Court and Council during their term of office, members and retired members of the academic and academic-related staff, visiting academic staff, research fellows and honorary research fellows, research assistants and postgraduate students:- to hold not more than fourteen books from the open shelves plus four books from the Quick Service Collection at one time.

4.1.2 Undergraduate and all other registered students, (including those on placement from other universities) and other University staff:- to hold not more than eight books from the open shelves plus four books from the Quick Service Collection at one time.

4.1.3 Other readers not listed in 4.1.1 or 4.1.2 above, who may, at the discretion of the Head of Library Services, have been granted permission to borrow:- to hold not more than two books at one time. In such cases no access will be given to the Quick Service Collection nor will reservations be accepted for books on loan.


4.2 The Head of Library Services is empowered to grant additional special facilities for a limited period in cases of extraordinary need.

4.3 No book may be removed from the Library unless it has been correctly issued.

4.4 Books in the following categories may not be removed from the Library:

4.4.1 Books marked "For Reference Only";

4.4.2 Abstracting and bibliographical periodicals;

4.4.3 An issue of a periodical within six weeks of its receipt, excepting some daily newspapers and weekly magazines;

4.4.4 Books on display as recent additions;

4.4.5 University of Bradford theses.


4.5 Other books may be borrowed as detailed below:

4.5.1 The normal loan period is four weeks, except for books in heavy demand, which are limited to one week or less. Special restrictions may be placed on the loan of any book at the Head of Library Services' discretion.

4.5.2 Bound or unbound copies of periodicals (except as mentioned in 4.4 above) may be borrowed overnight, or for the weekend, or for any other period during which the Library is closed.

4.5.3 Books, other than Quick Service Collection items, available on overnight loan may be issued from any time on one day, during the normal opening hours of the Library, to any time on the next day on which the Library is open.


4.6 Where books would fall due for return during vacations (standard dates) the loan period is normally extended to the first week on which the Library is open after such periods, except in the case of Quick Service Collection loans.

4.7 The loan of most books may normally be renewed, unless the book has been requested by another reader. Renewals may be made by using the self-renewal facility, by presenting the book at the Counter, or by post or telephone by quoting the accession number of the book.

4.8 Books on issue may be recalled at the discretion of the Head of Library Services and must then be returned within the period specified on the recall notice.

4.9 Books may not be transferred from one reader to another without being returned to the Library for re-issue. If any such unofficial transfer takes place, the original borrower will be held responsible for the books in question.

4.10 Readers may be held responsible for all books on loan to them for so long as the issue record remains uncancelled.



5.1 Books borrowed from other libraries are made available subject to the conditions imposed by the lending library.

5.2 Only categories of reader listed in 4.1 above are entitled to use this service for academic and professional purposes. Other readers may be permitted to use the service at the discretion of the Head of Library Services and on payment of the costs involved.

5.3 Provision of materials through document delivery services is subject to the copyright legislation currently in force.



6.1 All readers must use the prescribed entrance and exit, unless otherwise directed by a member of Library or Security staff.

6.2 Chairs, tables, shelves and other Library furniture must not be encumbered with personal property. Cases larger than a briefcase may not normally be brought into the Library.

6.3 No reader may reserve any place in the Library except in accordance with any authorised booking system that may be in operation for study carrels or other rooms.

6.4 Persons using the Library must not cause any unnecessary noise or disturbance. The use of mobile telephones is discouraged. When used, such use must be in accordance with published guidelines. In particular, the use of mobile telephones for making and receiving calls in areas designated as "Silent Areas", the making of calls in unauthorised areas and the use of mobile telephones in such a way as to cause unnecessary noise or disturbance in any other part of the libraries, will be deemed a breach of this Regulation.

6.5 The consumption of food or drink is forbidden in all parts of the Library open to readers.

6.6 Smoking is forbidden in all parts of the Library.

6.7 Readers must not write in or otherwise mark or damage books belonging to the Library. Damage to books must be paid for as detailed in 7.4 below.

6.8 All books taken out of the Library are liable to be checked by a member of the Library or Security staff at the exit. The contents of bags or cases must be made available for inspection at the exit control on request.

6.9 Library notices will be sent by e-mail to students and to any other reader who requests notification by e-mail. Printed notices will be sent otherwise to the last address registered with the Library or notified to Registry. Failure to receive e-mail or printed notices will not invalidate any subsequent proceedings or action.

6.10 A charge to be determined by the Head of Library Services may be made for the replacement of a Library Card. The loss of a Library Card must be reported immediately to the Library; readers will be responsible for any books borrowed on a lost card before such notification is made.

6.11 The University Library may not be used for the distribution or display of pamphlets, broadsheets, news sheets or any other similar type of material without special permission. Any such material distributed or displayed without permission will be removed

6.12 Readers must abide by all photocopying legislation and licensing regulations currently in force.

6.13 Animals, other than guide dogs, may not be brought into the Library.



7.1 Borrowers who fail to return books by the due date will be charged fines. The level of fines will be those approved by the Senate from time to time and will be displayed in the Library. Borrowers who owe fines will not be allowed further borrowing until the fine is paid.

7.2 Fines are levied for the period Monday to Friday inclusive (including vacations), but not for Saturdays, Sundays or statutory holidays, excepting items from the Quick Service Collection.

7.3 The due date is the date stamped in the book or displayed to a borrower during the self-issue or self-renewal process, or any other date subsequently notified to the reader by the Head of Library Services.

7.4 Any reader may be required to pay the estimated cost of replacement of any book, or of the work of which it forms part, which is lost or damaged beyond repair while on loan or being used by the reader, or which is not returned after being recalled by the Head of Library Services (see 4.9 above) and to pay such compensation as shall be fixed by the Head of Library Services for any damage or defacement sustained by a book while on loan or being used by the reader. The minimum replacement charge will be £5.00 plus the administration fee.

7.5 The award of a degree or other qualification of the University may be withheld from a student who has outstanding debts with the Library, until such debts are cleared.

7.6 Fines or charges may be waived or varied at the Head of Library Services' discretion if the circumstances warrant such action.

7.7 Any infringement of the Library Regulations by a reader may lead to the temporary suspension of Library facilities for that reader or other penalties as approved by Senate.