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University Regulations: Regulation 15

Regulation 15

Elections to the Court, to the Council, to the Senate, and to the Faculty Boards

1 Notice of an election together with an invitation to submit a nomination shall be sent by the Registrar and Secretary to each member of the electorate (as defined in the Statutes of the University) not less than ten days before the date fixed for the issue of ballot papers for the election. The notice of the election shall state which class or classes of persons are eligible for election.

2 Each nomination for election shall be submitted under the signature of two members of the electorate and shall be counter-signed by the nominee signifying his or her willingness to be so nominated, to reach the Registrar and Secretary by a date and time to be shown in the notice of election which shall be not later than one week from the date on which the invitation to submit nominations was issued.

3 Where more than one valid nomination is received by the Registrar and Secretary ballot papers shall be issued, listing those nominated and by whom, for return to reach the Registrar and Secretary by a date and time to be shown on the ballot paper which shall be not less than one week from the date of issue.

4 Voting shall be by the simple majority system under which the person, or persons, where more than one vacancy exists, receiving the most votes on a single ballot shall be declared elected.

5 Where two or more persons receive the same number of valid votes and the number of vacancies remaining to be filled is less than the number of those candidates, a further election shall be held for the vacancies remaining to be filled, with those tying as the only candidates. If a further tie then results, or if a tie results in an election to fill one vacancy only where only two candidates have been validly nominated, the election shall be decided by spinning a coin.

6 The result of the election stating the number of votes cast for each candidate shall be declared by the Registrar and Secretary not later than one day after the last date for the receipt of ballot papers by issuing a notice board of the Senior Common Room.