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University Regulations: Regulation 14

This regulation is currently under review.

University Regulations:

Regulation 14

Intellectual property rights in work produced by students

The following regulation sets out the University's policy regarding ownership and exploitation of intellectual property generated by its students. As a general principle, the University is keen to assist and encourage students who make a discovery or produce work capable of exploitation and to use its considerable experience and expertise to ensure the most beneficial outcomes. It is always the intention that the fruits of any such invention or other work be shared equitably between student and University.

1 It is a condition on registration of a student that the student agrees to transfer or assign to the University the Intellectual Property Rights to which these Regulations apply.

2 These Regulations apply to:

a) the ownership of and the sole right to exploit any patentable invention or discovery made;

b) all rights (including design rights and registered design rights) in any design produced; and

c) copyright in any work,

by the student in the course of the student's programme of study and research or resulting from the user of University resources.

3 Where the whole or part of a student's programme of study or research is funded by, or involves the use of facilities provided by, a third party, additionally the following provisions shall apply:

a) the University may, in its own name or as an agent for the student transfer or assign to the third party rights to which these Regulations apply on such terms as it may think fit and;

b) the student shall keep confidential all information relating to the work or business of the third party acquired by the student during the programme, or part programme, of study and neither use for the student's own benefit nor disclose to any other person any such information except with the prior written permission of the third party.

4 Where rights are vested in the University following these Regulations the University may exploit those rights, using its best endeavours to that end and granting to the student a reasonable share in any benefit accruing to the University. If the University does not wish to exploit rights vested in it, it shall, at the request of the student, return the rights to the student.

5 A student shall not, without the written consent of the University, publish any work which might prejudice the exploitation of the rights to which these Regulations apply by the University of any third party to which rights have been transferred or assigned.