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University Regulations: Regulation 1

Regulation 1

Admission of students to undergraduate programmes of study


Candidates wishing to gain admission to the University to follow an undergraduate programme of study must satisfy the General, Course and English Language Requirements. Completion of these requirements does not, however, automatically carry right of entry to the University.


All candidates must demonstrate by means of breadth of academic background and/or relevant experience and their motivation that they will derive benefit from their studies and that they have the potential to succeed on their chosen programme of study.


3.1 Candidates must satisfy the particular Entrance Requirements for the programme of study for which they are applying, details of which are to be found in the relevant Regulations.

3.2 Where passes in specific subjects in the United Kingdom General Certificate of Education (GCE) and/or General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) are required, the following conditions apply:

3.1.1 Any restriction on the combination of subjects which the University wishes to impose must be observed.

3.1.2 For GCSE examinations , Grades A, B and C only will be accepted as passes.

3.1.3 Grade N achieved in a GCE Advanced Level or Advanced Supplementary examination will be accepted as a GCSE pass in that subject.

3.3 Candidates who do not fully satisfy the particular entrance requirements of the programme of study for which they are applying may be declared by the Dean of the relevant School to have satisfied the Course Requirements if they possess appropriate alternative qualifications and/or experience.



4.1 In addition to satisfying the General and Course Requirements, candidates whose native language is not English, except for those who have resided in the United Kingdom or the Republic of Ireland for a period of three years or more preceding the commencement of their programme of study, will normally be required to have passed, before admission, a test in English acceptable to the University.

4.2 Candidates who have spent not less than five months in the full-time study of English at a college in the United Kingdom and who, at interview, satisfy the Head of the relevant Department as to their competence in English shall be exempt from this requirement.