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Court - Membership


Membership of the Court is extended to a wide range of people who have a common interest in furthering the development of the University. The current membership comprises representatives from many sectors of the community as well as the University’s senior managers and Council members.

The Court helps to ensure strong links with the City of Bradford and its surrounding region, with the University's communities of friends and supporters, and with diverse groups and organisations which share an interest in the University's work and life. The voluntary efforts of members are much valued and appreciated and help to make the University the vibrant community it is.

Members serve for a period of three years in the first instance with the potential to be re-appointed for a further two terms of three years in accordance with good governance practice.  The effectiveness of Court relies on the strong engagement of members and records of attendance will be maintained for periodic review.

Ex officio membership

Ex officio members are members of the Court by virtue of their appointment within the University. Ex officio membership comprises:


University Chancellor and Chair of Court[1]

Ms Kate Swann

Vice Chancellor

Professor Brian Cantor

Chair of Council

Baroness Ann Taylor

University Secretary

Ms Alison Jones

Members of Council


Members of Executive Board



Such individuals retain their position on the Court for the period they hold the identified post or relevant membership. For Council members, membership will cease on expiry of the member’s term of office.

Quorum rules

There shall be a quorum when 20 members are present.  In the absence of a quorum, no formal resolution may be passed, but informal recommendations for decisions may be made and ratified at a subsequent meeting.

[1] In the absence of the Chancellor, the event will be chaired by either the Vice Chancellor or Chair of Council