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Mr Faiz Ilyas(2018)

UBU Union Affairs Officer

Mr Faiz Ilyas(2018)

Committees: Council (member); Senate (member).

Faiz Ilyas was elected as the Union Affairs Officer at the University of Bradford Union of Students for 2017/18.

He was educated at Bradford Grammar School and is currently undertaking a sabbatical year between his studies in Civil & Structural Engineering at the University of Bradford. Faiz also graduated from a supplementary Islamic sciences course at Bradford’s Suffa-Tul-Islam in 2012. He continues various Islamic courses under the tutelage of Shaykh M. Habib-ur-Rehman Mahboobi at Bradford Grand Mosque.

Faiz joined the university in 2015 and became involved in the students’ union where he was elected President of Islamic Theology Society within two weeks of being enrolled as a student. He continued this roll until May 2017. Under his tenure the society was host to international guest lecturers from Canada, Morocco and Palestine. Gaining vast acclaim and recognition the society was the first to achieve the Platinum Society Quality Mark award. For his efforts Faiz was awarded the Society Individual Colours.

Faiz was key in the establishment of the student union’s Islamic Union in January 2016 in which he was elected as its chair for the first term. The same union which now bridges sectarian divide between the various Islamic societies on campus enabling them to tackle issues faced by all Muslims. Through this role Faiz proposed a better practice for speaker assessments which was adopted by the union.

In 2016 he was elected as the Home-Based Students Officer (Non-Sabbatical), representing a cohort which was amongst the least engaged on campus. Engagement increased as Faiz began organising monthly forums, community campaigns and collaborative events. He tackled issues such as lecture timing, sanitary hygiene, facial hair stigma, racial profiling and campus security relations.

Faiz is a founding member of the Bradford Grand Mosque’s Media Committee and was elected as its first secretary in 2014. He continued the roll until May 2017 after which he decided to continue as a member. He was the primary developer in the creation of the world’s first hybrid mobile application for a mosque and he continues to contribute to the technological advancements and modernisation of mosques.

Faiz was born and raised in the City of Bradford where he is actively involved in his local community. He often speaks for equal rights, fairer justice, and accountability on a local level. He also passionately involves himself in community projects. One such example is the Onna Ju-Jitsu Club where he practised martial arts under the guidance of the honourable Sensei Mumtaz. Another example is the Essential Islam Monthly Moon-Sighting project.

He enjoys exploring different opinions and perceptions in politics and spirituality while his passions include great food and engaging cinema. Faiz hopes that we can improve the lives of those around today and those to come after by ensuring that we break down barriers of division through building tolerance and empathy.