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Terms of Reference

The Senate is the supreme academic authority of the University responsible for overseeing academic quality and standards, and shall, subject to the powers reserved to the Council by the Statutes, take such measures and act in such a manner as shall appear to it best calculated to promote the academic work of the University both in teaching and research and shall regulate and superintend the education of the students of the University.

Powers of the Senate

Senate has powers defined in the University Statutes article 20(1) – (31) (see Powers of the University Senate)

Quorum Rules

There shall be a quorum when at least 50% of the members of Senate (including vacant posts) are present. This shall be rounded up to the nearest whole number. In the absence of a quorum, no formal resolution may be passed, but informal recommendations for decisions may be made to be considered and ratified at a subsequent meeting.

CommitteeChairDetail of decision making authority
Learning and Teaching Committee Professor S Congdon See terms of reference
Research and Knowledge Transfer Committee Professor J Bridgeman See terms of reference
Awards Sub-Committee Professor S Congdon See terms of reference

Committees of Senate

Serviced by
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Mrs Rachel Trawally

T: 6211