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The Audit Committee is responsible for advising the Council on the effectiveness of the University’s management and control systems. To this end, it meets with external auditors to discuss their audit findings, and with internal auditors to consider detailed internal audit reports and recommendations for the improvement of the University’s systems of internal control, together with management responses and implementation plans.  Audit Committee also received and considers relevant reports from the OfS and other bodies (such as the National Audit Office) which affect the University’s business and monitors adherence to regulatory requirements.

The Committee reviews the University’s annual financial statements together with the accounting policies and advises Council on the appointment of internal and external auditors.

Whilst senior executives attend meetings of the Audit Committee as necessary, they are not members of the Committee and the Committee meets privately with the internal and external auditors at least annually.

Terms of Reference and Membership

Below are the Membership and Terms of Reference for Audit Committee: 

Meeting Dates 2021-22

  • Monday 1 November 2021 (deadline for receipt of papers 12 noon, 18 October 2021),
  • Thursday 20 January 2022 (deadline for receipt of papers 12 noon, 6 January 2022),
  • Thursday 17 March 2022 (deadline for receipt of papers 12 noon, 3 March 2022),
  • Thursday 16 June 2022 (deadline for receipt of papers 12 noon, 2 June 2022).

NB Late documents will not normally be accepted and will be deferred to the next meeting.

Please contact for any queries relating to this committee and membership.