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Gallery II

Gallery II - Summer residencies

MA Project Space: Tuesday 23rd and Wednesday 24th August.

Chanon Pongpanich

Experimental Sound Sculptures using found sound on the streets of Manchester and  critique of the ocularcentrism of Marc Auge.

In the contemporary society, where the concepts of ocularcentrism and homogeneity prevail, this work uses aurality in an attempt to provide a new perspective to look into what we normally take for granted and bring forward the significance of the sonic environment.

Bilal Ellahi

Experimental Image and Sound installation on issues of identity

The project Becoming Real includes two images accompanied by and two different and distinct soundscapes.  The images will be printed onto a canvas, and wall mounted for a more immersive visual effect, which will be enhanced by the audio accompanying each piece.

Monday 4th July - Friday 22nd July 2016

Gentle - Chemaine Cooke

Chemaine is an independent artist, facilitator and community arts' coordinator. Constantly redefining the boundaries of her artistic practice as her work moves between dance, theatre and visual arts, often durational, site responsive and improvised; with a keen interest inclusive cross-­art form collaboration, at the heart of Chemaine’s work is a deep interest in the physical body and the physical experience of the audience.

In her first research residency dance 'Gentle', Chemaine reflects on the nomadic style of her artistic past by working with found objects from a found box and asking 'can I actually make this?'.  At the same time Chemaine will invite Bradford residents and gallery visitors on contribute to an installation of photo miniatures that aim to celebrate the self and strength of unity.

chermaine summer residencies

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Uzma Kazi -  The Square Chapatti Club

Join me in exploring The Square Chapatti Club and share your stories of being & becoming... 

Here is some info about the project:…/…/the-square-chapatti-club/

 at Gallery II, University of Bradford 

11am - 4pm
Monday 13th - Friday 17th June
Monday 20th - Friday 24th June

Specific workshops are on:

Monday 20th June 12:30pm - 2:30pm (mixed)
Thursday 23rd June 12:30pm - 2:30pm (women only)
                                 5:30pm - 7:30pm (women only)

(please confirm attendance at

If you would like to bring a group, please contact me for specific arrangements.  Some aprons will be provided for those who like to get stuck in and equally happy to chat with those who don't like to get messy! Gallery II is based in the Chesham Building, which is off Great Horton Road, near the Unique Sports & Lifestyle Centre.