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Gallery II

Bradford Arts Labs

Gallery II artist labs

Between January and March 2016 Gallery II, University of Bradford will host the first in a series of Art Labs. Individuals and groups from a variety of disciplines will be invited to use the Gallery as a space in which to share ideas; show and develop new work; host discussions, screenings and workshops; foster new collaborations; and plan long-term projects. There will be a focus on interdisciplinary learning and varied approaches to research that aim to traverse boundaries between so-called ‘hard’ and ‘social’ sciences.

Each lab will have a loose focus, theme or thread that runs through the activity. The first of these for 2016 will be ‘independent production and autonomy’. From social movements to underground music and art scenes, to emerging technology and computer programming, the idea of independence as a form of resistance and a strategy for disrupting and pushing through conventions to new frontiers prevails. Gallery II will host artists and researchers from across the UK so they can explore and share their interests that include Bradford’s feminist and marginal histories; reproductive technologies; Khadi textile production; Yorkshire women in experimental sound and electronic music; homemade and imperfect chapatis and much more.

Watch this space for updates as well as opportunities to contribute and attend events open to the public.