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Gallery II

Art In Unusual Spaces: Transformations Residencies @ Gallery II

July - September 2015

To pilot the use of Gallery II as a production as well as exhibiting space we are partnering with Art In Unusual Spaces and the British Science Festival to host a series of residencies towards the Transformations: North Parade After Dark event on Tuesday 8th September.

AIUS have invited visual artist Jean McEwan; writer Javaad Alipoor; musicians Seth Bennett, George Murray and Aby Vulliamy; and dancer Chemaine Cooke to use Gallery II as a space in which to develop new work. The residencies will become a game of consequences where each resident leaves something in the space for the next to work from; creating a loose collaboration between them and showing the process of transformation from one idea and discipline to the next.

The resident artists will showcase the outcomes of their work at the Transformations: North Parade After Dark event in the ‘independent quarter’ of Bradford city centre that forms part of the programme of the British Science Festival.

13th - 24th July - Jean McEwan

Jean McEwan is a Bradford-based artist and organiser working across visual, curatorial, collaborative and socially engaged practices. Her outputs have included installation, print, collage, photomontage and experimental video. She is currently running a project based in a stall in Bradford's Kirkgate Market, 'Wur Bradford' exploring the connections between creativity, community and social change.

Jean's Transformations residency:

'I’ve been using my residency in the Gallery to play with making alterations to discarded, donated, found and purloined objects and imagery. So far these are taking the form of collage and assemblage pieces. I’m also collaborating with sound and light designer Ivan Mack in the construction of an adapted flight case which will become a portable, interactive diorama,  combining physical and digital photographic images with objects, cut outs and projections.' Read more on Jean's blog

 Jean McEwan residency

27 July - 3rd Aug - George Murray,  Aby Vulliamy, Seth Bennett 

The Bennett/Murray/Vulliamy Trio has been playing together since 2012, after admiring each others’ work for many years prior (the combined list includes; 7 Hertz, Nutclub, Sloth Racket, Metamorphic, Grew Quartet, Bennett – Cole Orchestra, Glasgow Improvisors Orchestra, Symposia, D-Bass, The One Ensemble, Nalle, The National Jazz Trio of Scotland, Sound of Yell). The unusual mix of trombone, double bass and viola, and the combination of musical and personal characteristics each player brings makes for exciting, challenging, beautiful improvised music every time they perform. 

The Trio feel very excited about the residency theme of Transformations, a concept that chimes very well with their approach to music; trust in the process, trust in each other, be brave, be bold and allow the music to unfold between them and the audience.  As with all their projects, the Trio plan to approach this residency with scrupulously open minds and vigorously investigate how science and music can inspire and enhance each other.   

Transformations residency image - Aby

Image credit: Andy Newcombe 

3rd - 14th Aug - Javaad Alipoor

Javaad Alipoor @javaadalipoor is a director, writer, poet and activist based in Bradford.  He began his artistic life as a musician and DJ before training with Freedom Studio’s Asian Theatre School.  He is Artistic Director of Northern Lines Community Theatre.  His work includes My Brother's Country, The rising of the Moon, Orgreave: An English Civil War, Hurr, City Stories and Hole: Tales From Bradford’s Most Famous Landmark.  He has directed and produced participatory and community led projects for organisations including The Royal Exchange, Royal & Derngate and Theatre in the Mill.  He has performed as a musician and spoken word artist at venues across the north and London.  He blogs about politics art and philosophy at, and publishes occasionally, contributing a chapter to Fear & Friendship (Continuum 2012). His first pamphlet of poetry has been published with the support of Art in Unusual Places, and he is contributing a chapter to Critical Muslims: Cities, that will be available in early 2016.


17th - 28th Aug -  Chemaine Cooke

Chemaine is an independent artist, facilitator and community arts' coordinator. Constantly redefining the boundaries of her artistic practice as her work moves between dance, theatre and visual arts, often durational, site responsive and improvised; with a keen interest inclusive cross-­art form collaboration, at the heart of Chemaine’s work is a deep interest in the physical body and the physical experience of the audience.

Archaeopteryx: Being the last in the residency series I will create from the collective artistic traces left behind.   Taking inspiration from Darwin's tree of life; at what point in my process does it evolve into new work, transcend to have its own legs, having its own life, its own dance.

 Transformations residency image - Chermaine