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Gallery II


Feb - April 2011| Ground Floor, Richmond Atrium & expanding...

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Punch Records presents an exhibition of 20 years of groundbreaking and thought-provoking protest images, featuring the work of graphic designers, hacktivists, artists and photographers from around the world.

Protest: Fight the Power has been specially adapted for Bradford, showcasing hundreds of posters, photographs, images, manifestos, downloads, quotations and ideas.  Protest: Fight the Power was launched in Birmingham, 2010, and the exhibition draws from a unique archive held by the British Council.  In 2002, Liz McQuiston, a curator and authority on protest and propaganda art, toured a show of British political images through South Africa, Botswana and Mozambique.  'Up Front and Personal' was expanded during its tour as local African posters were collected and added to the show.

Protest: Fight the Power is a REMIXhibtion by Scholars and Warriors of images from the British Council's archives, with additional images and content addressing contemporary issues and emerging technologies.  It features new work by cultural agency Redhawk Logistica, design diva mmsix, Afrobeat album artist Lemi Ghariokwu, spray can artist Mohammed Ali (aka Aerosol Arabic), and includes dozens of other artists, designers, and YOU!         

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Workshop sessions:

Open publication - Free publishing - More protest

11.30am - 1pm, Richmond Atrium, University of Bradford, 6th March.

Accompanied by curators and artists tours, with a debate in the round and with wise and lively entertainment provided by Punch Records.

These workshops are free but booking is essential as we expect places to go fast. Please contact

Rose Tinted Glasses: Everyone has things they'd rather not see - now you can make something nice to look at instead!

Ransom Notes: Cut and paste experiments with the original anonymous message technology - as used by anarchists and kidnappers for over 100 years.

Personal Protest Placards: Start your very own campaign when you design and make your own colorful and unique protest placard.

Unexploded Ideas Handling Session: Only for the brave or foolhardy - examine how designers and artists pitch us the unpalatable. Gloves provided.

The Soundtrack to Your Struggle: let us know the song title or lyric that tells us what you're really about. Fight the Power!
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Protest: Fight the Power is an art exhibition of propaganda posters and artist's responses to struggle. As such, it offers a rare opportunity to examine a range of political perspectives, through the eyes of artists, from sexual politics to African consciousness, from 80's activism to current day ad-busting of electoral campaigns

Visitors are likely to find things they sympathise with and other things they may disagree with... Punch staff and the exhibition contributors are motivated by engaging people in thinking about issues that are relevant to us all. We take that responsibility seriously and understand that sometimes that may involve not shying away from areas that could be considered difficult.

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Who is it for? Fight the Power!

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Whilst the exhibition is on we will be gathering people together for discussions, planning and general sharing of creative ideas and projects. We will hold regular SALON sessions to this effect. They might be in bars, in the Atrium, in cafes or in people's houses. So if you want to share what you are doing creatively, hatch plans and add thoughts and work to the exhibition, keep in touch with us on Gallery II's facebook page: