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Useful Forms


Word/Excel pdf
Bank Details for savings account direct from salary Bank details for savings account direct from salary (Excel-78kb)  Bank details for savings account direct from salary (pdf, 7.35kb)
Bank Details Change of Account. Bank Details Change of Account form (Excel, 86kb) Bank details change of account form (pdf, 7.37kb)
Business Case Pro-Forma (Jan 2013) Business Case pro forma (doc, 105kb)  ‌ Business Case pro forma (Pdf, 278kb)
Cash Advance Form  Cash Advance form (xls, 725kb) Cash Advance Form (pdf, 39.8kb)

Claim for UK Travel Expenses

Travel Expense Claim form UK (xls, 46.3kb) Travel Expense Claim UK (Pdf, 28.3Kb)

Claim for Foreign Travel Expenses 

Travel Expense Claim Foreign April 2017 (Excel, 54.6kb) Travel Expense claim Foreign Sept 2011(Pdf, 16.4Kb)
Claim for Interview expenses Interview expenses claim form (Word 19.1kb) Interview expenses claim form (pdf, 314kb)
Capital Asset Form  Capital Asset Form (Word, 75.5kb)  Capital Asset Form (Pdf, 11.3kb) 
Disposal of fixed Assets form (March 2016) Disposal of fixed asset form (doc, 58kb)  Disposal of fixed asset form (pdf, 205kb)
Driving Declaration Form Driving Declaration Form (doc, 55kb)Driving Declaration Form (doc, 55kb) Driving Declaration Form (Pdf, 179kb)
Foreign Payment Form Foreign Payment Form.xlsx (44.1kb) Foreign Payment Form.pdf (273kb)
Gift Aid Declaration Form  Gift Aid Agreement Form (Word, 52.6kb) Gift Aid Agreement Form (Pdf, 228kb)
Give as You Earn - Donation Instruction Form (Pdf) Give as You Earn, Donor Instruction Form (Pdf 87.9kb)  Give as You Earn, Donor Instruction Form (Pdf 87.9kb)
PF1 - Payment of fees & Associated expenses related to an individual PF1 (Word, 58.4kb) PF1 (pdf, 297kb)
Pro-Forma invoice Account Form (Nov 2016) Pro-Forma Invoice Account Form (Pdf, 107kb) 
Self Employed Status Indicator Form Self Employed Status Indicator Form (Excel, 41.3kb)   Self Employed Status Indicator Form (Pdf, 205kb)
Timesheet    Timesheet (Pdf, 194kb)

Travel Funding and Insurance Approval.

The new approval method for staff to travel will be available as a Servicenow process on the Health, Safety & Wellbeing Servicenow website.

Students are required to complete the Student Travel Approval form and Overseas Travel Pack.

Student - Guest Travel Approval Form (word, 49.1kb)

Overseas Travel Pack (doc 1.49mb)

Student-Guest Travel Approval Form (Pdf, 283kb)

Overseas Travel Pack (pdf, 1.13mb)