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Financial Plans and Strategy

The University's Financial Strategy is effectively the roadmap that shows how the University will ensure it has the resource to deliver the Corporate Strategy.

The main financial focus is to have a successful academic institution with a sound financial base, that is properly resourced so the University can pursue strategic opportunities and implement key decisions.  The University must remain financially sustainable whilst continuing to invest in its infrastructure.


All resourcing decisions will be made in an open, transparent and equitable way with the key driver being achieving University corporate aims.  Staff and students need to understand, support and play an active part, as appropriate, in delivering the University's Financial Strategy.  To facilitate this, financial management and advice needs to be provided in a supportive, understandable and open manner and must be high quality and challenging in a constructive way.


Maintain a strong Balance Sheet Annual Net Assets to be 53% of turnover 
Generate an annual Income and Expenditure surplus  Annual Income and Expenditure surplus of 3% 
Continue to invest in a sustainable way  Annual return on net assets to be 5% 
Increase Financial awareness and promote financial viability in a positive way.  Achievement of Financial Strategy targets to be within a +/-10% threshold