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Travel Insurance

The University's travel insurance is held with Chubb Insurance. Policy number 64796130.  

If you require a copy of the University's proof of Insurance please click and download the following link: Proof of Travel Insurance 17/18 

Who is covered?

  • All UK resident employees, (including accompanying partners and children) travelling on University business within the UK on trips valued over £500, or any overseas trip .
  • All students attending the University in the UK on study related overseas trips or inland trip costing over £500. However students returning to their country of residence will not be covered under the University's policy for medical assistance as they will, in most instances, already have health cover as a national of that country.

Prior to travel:

Please note the University of Bradford's travel authorisation process for staff has changed. The previous Travel Approval form or 'TAP' form has been replaced with an electronic 'Travel and Insurance Approval for Staff' form available through the Health, Safety and Wellbeing Servicenow  page.

The process will automatically request approval from your line manager, budget holder and Insurance Services.  Incorporated within the new process, each and every overseas trip will require completion of a Risk Assessment‌ form by the traveller.  The procedure is a 2 step process which will generate two unique alpha-numeric references. Please take a note of these reference numbers as you will not be able to place your travel booking with the University travel supplier without them.  Further details are given on the form page on Servicenow. 

Students and external speakers/guests can continue to use the paper version of the Travel Approval form and Risk Assessment form as highlighted below. If funding  for the trip is being met by the University please book travel with the University's approved travel agent. HSW reference numbers can be obtained from the Insurance team for these trips. 

If a letter of insurance for travel is required in order to obtain a Visa, this can be obtained from Insurance Services. Proof of identity and a letter of authorisation will be required.

In the event of a medical emergency:

Please contact Chubb Assistance 24 Hour Emergency Helpline on +44 (0) 207 895 3364, quoting policy number 64796130 or University of Bradford Insurance Services on the following details:

On your return to work please complete one of the following claim forms and submit to University Insurance Services, Room D32, Richmond Building, Richmond Road, Bradford, BD7 1DP: