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Postgraduate Research International Student Fees for 2013 entry

For students starting in 2013 fees will be fixed for the duration of the course (subject to a maximum number of years).

Full-time Courses Standard Fee

Science £13,250*
Classroom-based courses £11,500*

Exceptions to the above fees

School of Social and International Studies £12,100*
Engineering, Design and Technology £14,900*
Life Sciences (dependent on laboratory components involved) £13,250/ £14,900*
Management £12,100*

Following transfer to writing up, all students will be charged a fee of £250 annually. This will not be reduced if you submit during an academic year. Please note, the 15% Alumni discount is not applicable to the writing up fee.

Alumni Discount Scheme

* There is a fee discount of up to 15% for graduates of the University of Bradford

Please note that you can only receive one type of fee discount or award.

Part-time Postgraduate Research Courses

Any queries please contact

Part-time external  
Engineering £5,440
Informatics £5,440
Management £8,070
Science £2,900
Social and International Studies £2,800
Full-time external  
Social and International Studies £6,050
Engineering £7,030
Informatics £7,030
Science £6,630

Fee discount and scholarships

Scholarships of up to 50% of the tuition fee will be available to students from specified countries - this information will be available shortly.

For more information contact: