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University of Bradford Tuition fees for 2012

In order to ensure that the University of Bradford can continue to build a strong, sustainable University, with funds to invest in our high quality learning and teaching environment with a major focus on employability and delivering high levels of student satisfaction, the University has set its standard home and EU undergraduate fees at £9,000 per year (there are some lower fees for foundation degrees and foundation years - see below). This will ensure each student gets the highest value from their investment into their education.

We have put together some responses to frequently asked questions below that we hope you will find useful, there are also links to external sites that have more information about the changes to tuition fees.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Some FAQs about Undergraduate UK and EU fees from 2012.

When will the fee changes take effect?

For new home/EU undergraduate students enrolling from September 2012.

What will the fee changes mean for students?

Remember, University will still be free at the point of entry for full-time UK or EU students new to Higher Education. Your fees are covered by the Government's student loan scheme and you will start to pay this back when you have left University. You will be able to make an application for your loan from late 2011.

When and how will fees be paid back?

You will only begin to repay your loan once you have left or completed your course and are earning over £21,000 a year. This threshold will rise with inflation

You repay 9% of your income above £21,000. So for example, if your salary was £25,000, the 9% would only apply to £4,000, meaning you would repay £30 per month. If your salary falls below £21,000 your repayments stop - for example if you take a career break or are unemployed. Repayments only start again when you earn over £21,000.

Loan repayments will be deducted from your salary, normally through the tax system. If you have not repaid your loan after 30 years it is written off, with the exception of any arrears.

There is more information about loans here: (external link)

Do I pay interest on the loan?

Interest will be charged on your loan whilst you are studying at the rate of inflation +3%. Once you start repaying the loan, the interest rate varies according to your earnings.

What fees will Bradford be charging?

The University of Bradford has set its fees so that we can continue to build a strong, sustainable University with funds to invest in our high quality learning and teaching environment and a major focus on employability and delivering high levels of student satisfaction. This will ensure that each student gets the highest value from their investment into their education.

Our fees for students entering higher education for the first time in 2012 are as follows:

  • £9,000 – Standard degree courses* and Clinical Sciences Foundation Year
  • £7,500 – Foundation Degree
  • £6,000 – Foundation Year (Excluding Clinical Sciences)

*If you are unsure which fee you will be charged please contact us:

Tel: +44(0) 1274 236637

The University of Bradford's fee level has been agreed by its Council. It has also now be approved by the Office for Fair Access (OFFA) (Tuesday 12 July 2011)

FACT: Our students are taught by academics from around the globe who are knowledge creators, and 80% of those who submitted to the last official survey are doing 'international' or 'world-leading' research.

What about loans for part-time students?

If Parliament approves the relevant legislation new part-time students starting their courses in the 2012/13 academic year in England will benefit from new loans for tuition fees from the Government. Part-time students studying at least 25% of the intensity of a full-time course will have access to a loan to cover the cost of their tuition.

More details on this will be available from (external link)

Are there any grants or loans I can apply for? How will I afford living expenses?

Yes, there will be grants and loans available from the Government. Grants will be available to eligible full-time students.

Non-repayable grants: If your household income is up to £25,000 you will be entitled to a full grant of £3,250 which you won’t have to pay back. If your household income is between £25,000 and £42, 600 you would be entitled to a grant of between £50 and £3,250 which you won’t have to pay back.

Living costs: A loan of up to £5,500 will be available to help with things such as food, accommodation and travel if you live away from home. If you live with your parents, a loan of up to £4,375 is available.

There may also be additional financial help if you have dependants or a disability.

Follow the link below for more information about help available: (external link)

Is there any help for students from lower income backgrounds?

Bradford has an excellent reputation for widening access to university and supporting students from a variety of different backgrounds.

We will be investing £5m each year in supporting students from disadvantaged backgrounds and we are currently developing a Scholarship scheme. Information will be available in advance of the 2012 admissions cycle. Please keep checking our website for more details.

FACT: The University of Bradford is one of the most inclusive Universities with the latest statistics from the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) showing that more than half of our full-time undergraduate students come from under-represented groups. Read more on the Times Higher Education website >> (external link)

How will my Student Experience be affected as a result of Government Spending Cuts?

The University of Bradford is committed to providing an excellent student experience. Our campus has recently undergone a massive £84 million investment programme, meaning you will live and study amongst state-of-the-art facilities in one of the most sustainable and environmentally sound campuses in the world.

The University of Bradford has a nurturing ethic, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be spoon-fed. Our dedicated staff work with you to help students get the most from their University experience. We have dedicated teams to support students throughout their time at Bradford.

FACT: Enjoy state of the art facilities for your studies, wellbeing and social life through our £84 million campus investment.

Is it still worth getting a University qualification?

"Higher education and access to it is one of the foundation stones of our future."

Harold Wilson, First Chancellor of the University of Bradford

Investing in your education is still one of the best investments you can make. Having a University qualification could benefit you in a number of ways. We are a highly vocational University, with the large majority of our courses professionally accredited or recognised; we also seek to ensure that our students are equipped with the skills to be active entrepreneurs if that is their goal, or to be an asset to their chosen employer. Our vision is to ensure that we continue to be true to our aim of 'Making Knowledge Work' and to be an institution where we can declare that graduating with a degree from the University of Bradford comes with all the added extras that makes our graduates not just employable, but more employable - the employees of choice.

A higher education qualification can also lead to increased earning potential, a wider range of opportunities and a more rewarding career. Many employers target graduates in their recruitment campaigns.

The Department for Business Innovation and Skills state that on average, graduates tend to earn substantially more than people with A-levels who did not go to university. Projected over a working lifetime, the difference is something like £100,000 before tax at today's valuation.

What sets Bradford apart from other Universities?

We have a strong academic reputation and tradition (we celebrate our 50th anniversary in 2016) and high levels of professionally accredited courses with a curriculum which is designed with the help of employers and with future employment in mind. Perhaps this is why we have one of the highest proportions of students gaining graduate employment and were recently ranked in the Top 20 in the UK for graduate level jobs in the 2013 Sunday Times University Guide.

We pride ourselves on our high-quality research-informed teaching and on the fact that our staff/student ratios are amongst the best in the country (The University of Bradford is in the 2nd quartile for Staff/student Ratios (SSR) in The Independent, The Times and The Guardian League Tables). Students are taught by academics from around the globe who are knowledge creators, and 80 per cent of those who submitted to the last Research Assessment Exercise are doing world-leading research.

The University of Bradford has a rich and diverse staff and student body. You will have the chance to mix with a variety of people from a huge range of cultural backgrounds, whilst studying something you are passionate about. We believe that choosing to study with us at Bradford is a sound investment for your future.

FACT: The University of Bradford campus is one of the most sustainable in the world, winning us The Times Higher Education Supplement's Outstanding Contribution to Sustainability Award 2010 and the Gold award in the Environmental and Social Responsibility index 2010.

FACT: The 2010 Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE) survey showed that 91% of Bradford graduates went into employment or further study immediately after graduation. These statistics are derived from annually published data based on those UK domiciled graduates who are available for employment and further study, and whose destinations are known.

FACT: You will live, study and work with students from over 130 countries, in a city where more than 67 languages are spoken.

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