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An optician giving a male patient an eye test

Myopia Management Clinic

Myopia (short sight) is not only an inconvenience in terms of requiring spectacle correction but also carries an increased risk of serious complications in later life. The risk of these complications rises as the prescription increases.

The Myopia Management Clinic at the University of Bradford was opened in 2018 in response to the increasing incidence of myopia (short sight) found around the world and research showing that the progression of myopia can be slowed down resulting in a lower prescription in adulthood.

Myopia risk

Risk factors for myopia:

  • If one parent is myopic a child is 1-3x more likely to become myopic
  • If two parents are myopic a child is 5-6x more like to become myopic
  • Children less than 8 years old with a prescription of less than +0.75DS are more likely to become myopic
  • Children who become myopic at a young age are more likely to progress to high myopia
  • Children who spend a lot of time inside or doing close work are more likely to become myopic
A landscape image of a female patient having her eyes tested

Myopia management

When you attend the Myopia Management Clinic, you can expect to have a thorough eye examination including:

  • Cycloplegic refraction
  • Binocular vision assessment
  • Measurement of axial length
  • Corneal topography

We will then discuss with you the options available in order to try and limit the progression of your myopia. These could include:

  • Specialist soft contact lenses
  • Specialist rigid contact lenses that reshape the cornea, known as Orthokeratology
  • Specialist spectacle lenses
  • Lifestyle advice

Currently, it is not possible to prevent the progression of myopia but research shows that interventions such as these may reduce the progression by up to 50%.

For more information, visit the My Kids Vision website

Contact and find us

Myopia Management Clinic
School of Optometry and Vision Science
Phoenix South West Building
University of Bradford
Shearbridge Road

We are open Monday - Friday, 9AM - 5PM.

Tel: 01274 234649