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Low Vision Clinic

The Low Vision Clinic offers assessment and assistance to the visually impaired as an alternative to the hospital system.

Patients who attend this clinic may already be registered as Sight Impaired or Severely Sight Impaired. Patients who are not registered but who find that their sight cannot be improved to their satisfaction by conventional spectacles or contact lenses, are welcome to contact the Eye Clinic for an appointment.

Patients should be aware that it is not always possible to help every individual.

The provision of low vision aids (LVAs) may involve patients in a number of visits until the most suitable visual aids have been identified. We allow sufficient time for discussion to ensure that the most appropriate advice is given.

The clinic is staffed by final year undergraduate optometrists working under the close supervision of experienced optometrists and opticians with a special interest in low vision.

Low Vision Clinic charges

As this is a teaching clinic, no charge is made for the assessment visits.

We can supply a wide variety of low vision aids from stock at cost price.

Appointment checklist

To allow us to provide you with the most appropriate advice, please bring to your appointment:

  • your last spectacle prescription
  • any current spectacles if worn
  • any low vision aids you are currently using
  • any low vision aids you have been supplied with previously and are no longer able to use
  • list of any medication you take
  • your GP's details
  • your Optometrist's details