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Binocular Vision Clinic

The Binocular Vision Clinic is a specialist service which is typically only offered by some high street opticians.

Our clinic investigates the control and co-ordination of the two eyes and, where appropriate, provides treatment.

All of our clinics are supervised by a combination of Optometrists with a special interest in binocular vision, paediatric eyecare or reading difficulties and Orthoptists.

Whilst we can help alleviate some or all of the visual symptoms experienced by many patients with dyslexia, we are not able to assess or treat dyslexia or any other specific learning difficulty.

About binocular vision problems

There are a variety of binocular vision problems such as, errors in the control of accommodation (change in focus for different viewing distances), difficulties in maintaining appropriate alignment of the eyes (convergence insufficiency, decompensated heterophoria, strabismus/squint) and many others.

Most of the anomalies we see are straight forward and respond well to eye exercises and/or a modification of the spectacle (or contact lens) prescription.

The management of these anomalies may involve a few visits over a period of a few weeks/months. Some anomalies are signs of more serious conditions that may warrant further investigation by an ophthalmologist.

Patient and child referrals

Patients who come for assessment by the Vision and Reading Clinic will usually be seen initially in the Binocular Vision Clinic to ensure any underlying health, refractive or binocular vision problems are addressed before continuing with any further investigations.

The clinic is also well equipped to undertake Paediatric Eyecare appointments (the assessment of children's vision and eyes).

In these clinics we have many techniques to assess the development of vision and the eyes objectively, i.e. which do not require verbal feedback from the child, including a variety of specific eye charts for paediatric vision assessment. We have the expertise and equipment to test babies from birth.

Please let us know the age of your child when booking the appointment.

Binocular vision clinic charges

There is a fee of £20.00 for the Binocular vision clinic.  This includes follow-up appointments for up to 1 year.  If overlays are prescribed, they can be purchased from the clinic.

Appointment checklist

To provide you with the best possible care, it is helpful if you bring the following with you to your appointment:

  • your last spectacle prescription
  • all spectacles and contact lenses you currently use
  • list of your current medication
  • your GP's details


Patients are usually referred to the Binocular Vision Clinic by their eye care practitioner or the Eye Clinic's Primary Care clinic, as a result of symptoms or signs of a binocular vision anomaly.

Eye care practitioners can download a referral form for this purpose.